Friday, February 20, 2009

Kampung Times

The husband's paternal family resides in a lil village about 30 minutes out of Melaka.

Whenever we used to come back from Melbourne for visits, we would make a short trip into the kampung to visit the folks in there.

There is not much to do there, other than hanging around in the big old style wooden house. One that is quite similar to the one that I used to grow up in. So it brings back some nostalgic memories when I am in there. That said, you cannot help but feel that time has stalled in this part of the world, where chooks still run around amok and a lazy dog will lie in the external toilet.

So this year was not exception, we had to find our way up on the second day of the lunar new year. BUT what is fun, is having a DSLR to muck around with.

Here are some of my favorite shots.


Cheeky Boi

There is nothing this fella won't eat.

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