Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting into the Groove

So we are three weeks and a lil bit into the move...

And it is safe to say that things are starting to look a lil brighter on this side of the fence.

The crazy indulgence of local food has started to ease down a lil. We've been cutting down on the visits to town as the excitement slides. I think our lil Aussie accent has tone down a bit (but I'm not 100 percent on that). And we've found good organic stores around the island!! Yippee Yeah!

The best thing is we have started a routine again, with the husband working and the older kiddo in school. 

So all that moving interruptions have finally come to a slow close.

It is times like this that makes you realise how much your partner means to you. How, despite the fights and teething problems, you will still crack up over some silly joke that only the two of you will know. And how at the end of the day, he's still the one to give you a leg massage and feed the kids their medication before rushing out for a game of mahjong. (Yes! this only happens in SG)

I love my husband. I like it that he is slightly different from the local boys and he adores me, and me only

And I love seeing my kids adapt to the local culture. How they would stand their ground when the other kids try to be funny. Or how they would play with their cousins. The way they interact with my siblings and our parents. And how we've brought them up to be lil secure beings. I'm a proud mommy.

As for me, the job seeking has started yet. =) I've gotta get my act together but living the mommy life has been a lil gratifying but I'd suppose it's always good to add to the kitty in the house so that we can have more to spend! 

So yes, the sun in starting to shine in this part of the ocean. Let's just hope it stays this way for a bit.

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