Friday, January 02, 2009


Ah the start of a brand new year...

And this time round, we are definitely on a new adventure.

2008 went exceptionally quick for us. We had a blast living our last year in Oz.

To close the year off, I am grateful for:

  1. My Husband
    Who complements my every other lesser virtues and enhances my better ones. =) He takes all of my nonsense and lives with my sometime memory lapses. But best of all, he has so much love for who I am and what I do. Marriage is really getting better as time goes by.

  2. My Kids
    I know I am biased but who doesn't love their own kids. =) Those two are the added bonus of our relationship. They make us laugh and sometimes, drive us a lil crazy but we won't have it any other way. Parenting is an interesting journey cause the expectations are different at every stage of their lives. 

  3. Our Friends
    Who has the ultimate love and patience for our two rugrats and for being such wonderful friends to hang out and experience different things with.

  4. My Life in Oz

    I always wanted to live in a different country. And that came true when I went to uni and it became an extended stay with a lot of extra perks that came out of it. Melbourne has been such a big part of my growing up. My love for good food, both cooking and eating out, and appreciation of style comes from living there. Living on our own gives us the space to discover what we can achieve if we put our mind to it. 

In our last few days of the year, we had a few busy days packing up our life and our apartment. Then we hastily left for Perth for a 24 hour transit before arriving back in Singapore blurry eyed on the morning of New Year's Eve.

Yes. It has been a weird sort of festive season for us. But hey! as they say it doesn't matter which day it is as long as your nearest and dearest are with you. =)

Have a wonderful and blessed year, everyone!!

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