Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting into the Groove

So we are three weeks and a lil bit into the move...

And it is safe to say that things are starting to look a lil brighter on this side of the fence.

The crazy indulgence of local food has started to ease down a lil. We've been cutting down on the visits to town as the excitement slides. I think our lil Aussie accent has tone down a bit (but I'm not 100 percent on that). And we've found good organic stores around the island!! Yippee Yeah!

The best thing is we have started a routine again, with the husband working and the older kiddo in school. 

So all that moving interruptions have finally come to a slow close.

It is times like this that makes you realise how much your partner means to you. How, despite the fights and teething problems, you will still crack up over some silly joke that only the two of you will know. And how at the end of the day, he's still the one to give you a leg massage and feed the kids their medication before rushing out for a game of mahjong. (Yes! this only happens in SG)

I love my husband. I like it that he is slightly different from the local boys and he adores me, and me only

And I love seeing my kids adapt to the local culture. How they would stand their ground when the other kids try to be funny. Or how they would play with their cousins. The way they interact with my siblings and our parents. And how we've brought them up to be lil secure beings. I'm a proud mommy.

As for me, the job seeking has started yet. =) I've gotta get my act together but living the mommy life has been a lil gratifying but I'd suppose it's always good to add to the kitty in the house so that we can have more to spend! 

So yes, the sun in starting to shine in this part of the ocean. Let's just hope it stays this way for a bit.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!

My lil mandarin blessings!
Multiplied by many folds!
God Bless, everyone

Monday, January 19, 2009


Lately, I have been feeling rather misplaced.

I haven't totally reconcile the fact, in my head, that I am back in Singapore for the long haul. To me, even though things are very familiar, they are also really foreign like it's part of a distant memory.

In short, I cannot believe that I am living here, instead of just passing by for a visit.

My moods are a good indication that I am feeling lost. Some days I'm really happy to be hanging around a certain part of town. Others, I would get really mad with Darien for making us move back here. Times like when we are apartment searching and nothing suitable comes up OR when we are grocery shopping and the selection of fresh produce for the kids are really crap, as compared to what they used to have.

That said, I am seeing the positive sides of the move. The kids adore their grandparents. Kayden loves his school. Jakey loves spending alone time with us. Darien likes the idea that his close friends are nearby for easy catchups.

I have yet to see any positive outcome for me. =(

I am also realising that Singapore is just not the place for fancy dress ups. Whilst I enjoy my lil shoe shopping jaunts at On Pedder and such, I acknowledge that there are not many places to go and look a lil fancy on an ordinary basis, unlike Melbourne. 

I do miss my old hometown so! I miss having my good friends around me. I miss just driving to a nearby suburb for a quick coffee. I miss the weather. I miss bringing the kids to the gardens close by for a bit of a play. I miss my old apartment. I miss seeing my husband coming home at an early time. 

Just the other day, I went for a chat about job prospects with a local recruiter and from the discussion, I can see the difference in the corporate culture. Sighz. I think I have a lot of adapting to do.

2009 is really what I expected. A year of challenge and adaptation. 

I just need to start seeing things on a brighter note and start moving in an upward motion.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Parenting 101

Being away for an extended period means that you'll see the place that you've returned to with a different set of eyes.

5 days into the move and the disparity between the parenting styles in Melbourne and SG cannot be any more obvious.

Darien and I are fairly easy parents. We like to teach our kids to be independent lil people who should be exposed to the different cultures and experiences that the world offers. We love them, kiss them and cuddle them often and usually just let them do the things that they love.

We prefer to spend time enjoying life's lil pleasures with them, like enjoying a cheese platter or hanging by the beach. 

BUT the one thing that I do not tolerate is misbehavior. There is a certain set of rules the kids need to adhere to. And when they don't listen, they will be punished. We do not reward bad behavior in this household.

So being back in Singapore has shown that whilst we try our best to keep the parenting style status quo a la melbourne, it has been a rather difficult thing to do.

I don't know if it's the fact that the kids have been away for too long that all the relatives miss them and such OR it is just the general culture but this is what I observed.

  • Crying is not permitted 
    One of the boys got mad and hit another lil one on the head, I took him away immediately and followed up with a stern "If you don't share, you do not play." So naturally the tears started falling, and whilst he was having a bit of a time out, the maid came and offered him a pack of RIBENA.

    To which I went, "No. He's not allowed to."

    That stunned her for a bit and she left.

    What is it with all these people who reward bad behavior? Sometimes, adults need to be taught as much as children do.

  • It's ok to leave a mess
    This maid culture thing, whilst it has its good side, also meant that kids are not taught to clean up after themselves.

    We were about to leave a birthday party yesterday and the kids were playing with some of the host's Thomas the Tank Engine toys. They were cleaning up as they were told when the maid came in and went, "Don't worry. I'll do it. Just leave the mess"

    Errr.... no. It's not ok. I am not going to raise my boys to expect another fellow human being to clean his mess. Not in this household, at least.

  • Bad Eating
    The first day I came back, the kids and I went out for lunch with my Mom, who then bought them a bowl of noodles. 


    She got two bowls to split the portions.


    Then she started to spoon-feed Jakey.

    Not Ok. 

    The kids have always been able to feed themselves. And this is not going to stop now that we are based here.
I am sure that more surprises will be in store so... we'll just have to deal with it as it comes.

Anyway those are just the downsides. There are heaps of perks as to us living here. The kids simply adore their grandparents and love their lives here. Darien and I are just happy to have the freedom to sneak out after their bedtime. 

That to us is more precious than any silver or gold at the moment.

Friday, January 02, 2009


Ah the start of a brand new year...

And this time round, we are definitely on a new adventure.

2008 went exceptionally quick for us. We had a blast living our last year in Oz.

To close the year off, I am grateful for:

  1. My Husband
    Who complements my every other lesser virtues and enhances my better ones. =) He takes all of my nonsense and lives with my sometime memory lapses. But best of all, he has so much love for who I am and what I do. Marriage is really getting better as time goes by.

  2. My Kids
    I know I am biased but who doesn't love their own kids. =) Those two are the added bonus of our relationship. They make us laugh and sometimes, drive us a lil crazy but we won't have it any other way. Parenting is an interesting journey cause the expectations are different at every stage of their lives. 

  3. Our Friends
    Who has the ultimate love and patience for our two rugrats and for being such wonderful friends to hang out and experience different things with.

  4. My Life in Oz

    I always wanted to live in a different country. And that came true when I went to uni and it became an extended stay with a lot of extra perks that came out of it. Melbourne has been such a big part of my growing up. My love for good food, both cooking and eating out, and appreciation of style comes from living there. Living on our own gives us the space to discover what we can achieve if we put our mind to it. 

In our last few days of the year, we had a few busy days packing up our life and our apartment. Then we hastily left for Perth for a 24 hour transit before arriving back in Singapore blurry eyed on the morning of New Year's Eve.

Yes. It has been a weird sort of festive season for us. But hey! as they say it doesn't matter which day it is as long as your nearest and dearest are with you. =)

Have a wonderful and blessed year, everyone!!

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