Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby Kate - Two months on!

Dear Kate,

You turn two months today*.

Somehow, you seem to know that it is a special day because you stayed awake all day, willing us to play with you and talk to you.

You've become such a lil chubby bub! Almost twice of your birth weight! It makes you so squishable and I love carrying you around cos you feel like a life size dolly.

Kayden KorKor adores you!

This month is so special, because you started being a lil chatterbox. You coo when we talk and you smile the minute I appear in the line of your vision.

Julia, your doll from Auntie Mandy

That said, we've also become victims of your loud crying when you wake up and find that no one else is in the same room as you. As such, you've started taking short naps as you will peek your eyes open every fifteen minutes to check if we are still there.

Nowhere else can be more comfy than this!

Daddy says that we are spoiling you a lil too much with our constant carrying and cuddles. You love nothing more than being in the arms of somebody. In fact, you've been falling asleep on Daddy for the last two weeks. Once he puts you down, you'll pop up immediately as you know that he's moved you onto a different platform.

You would let us know if you are uncomfortable with the style that you are carried in by making a lil cry and then when you are adjusted to the right position, you let out a soft lil sigh. Then all is right in the world again.

Needless to say, we've fallen deeper in love with you, lil munchkin. So far, Mommy is still your favorite person in the household cause you save your biggest smiles for me. And I, in return, would not exchange time spent with you for anything else.

Grandpa and Grandma are also your biggest fans. They have been babysitting you (and your kor kors) whenever Mommy and Daddy sneak out for a movie or for time out with friends. And it has been a constant report that you have been the cutest and quietest baby. (heh! not really true all the time!!)

I love you, my chubby bubby! Here's to another month of you!!

*Posted four days ago.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

7 Weeks Update - My not so new newborn.

My baby smiles!

Seven weeks isn't typically a long period of time.

In fact, more often than not, it passes in a wink of an eye.

And, thus, in this timeframe, my lil gal has moved on from being the sleepy doe eyed bub to one that is rather curious about her surroundings.

Her lil munkee friend

She doesn't like to be left alone. Usually I leave her on the bed or her cot whilst I try to do some stuff around the house. After 10 minutes or so, I would hear a pitiful sounding cry coming from where I left her.

Jakey doing the milk shift

She loves nothing more than being cuddled by anyone. When we are out for a meal, she will make small noises pleading to be released from her prison of a pram and be carried to the dinner table. And then when she's carried out, she will just perk her eyes open and check out the environment. =)

Cheeks overhang

At this point, she sleeps in till about mid day and then wakes up crying for a feed. Mostly, she has her last big feed at 3 in the morn and then sneaks in a few lil feeds in between.

Yes. I am my daughter's 24 hour portable snack bar. =)

The thing I love most about her is how cheeky she can be. She loves it when people talk to her in a singsong tune. And if she likes it enough, she will break out into a lil cheeky grin.

Sleeping on the swing. *best invention ever!*

Lately, she has been cutting down on her sleeping time and catching up on everything that she is missing on this world. Her favorite position is when we hold her upright and then turning her lil head around to check out the surroundings.

She's also realised who's her mommy. When I am out of her sight, she would make lil noises to see if I'd respond. And if I am busy doing other things, she will then use her lil complaining tone to let me know that she is not happy. Too cute, I'd say!

Mommy thinks I look like Kayden Kor Kor

She's now trying to do a lil flip so we're keeping our eyes out for that to happen soon!

Seven weeks has gone too soon, hunni. Dun grow up too quickly! Mommy loves cuddling you heaps!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I ♥ my husband...

It's 3 am and he is up installing the new windows 7 for the new laptop that he's bought for the boys for Christmas.

(This is after spending an entire day out in town!)

Lucky kiddos.

And, lucky me. *wink*

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3 Weeks Already?!

Dear lil Katiepoo,

You turned three weeks old just yesterday and, my, it certainly felt like you've been in our lives for a much longer time.

When Mommy found out that you were going to be a lil gal at the ultrasound, I was really stoked! I've always wanted a baby gal (who else is going to inherit the bags and shoes!) and, after having your two mischevious kor kors, it was a really pleasant surprise to finally get my prayers answered. I would often stroke my belly when you were in utero and smile at the notion of your presence. Not to mention, the shopping that I got to do as well.

I spent the first two days cuddling you heaps cause I know that it is a big change from the warm and cozy environment that you were in for almost all of 10 months. I remember just spending time looking at you and realising how lucky we all are for having you in our lives.

I love smelling your lil powdery head and holding your lil hands. Daddy and I noticed that you, my dear, are blessed with really long fingers and limbs. And I certainly hope that you would inherit Daddy's height, as you grow.

Daddy and I are so used to having boys that we had to switch gears the moment you arrived. For one, we had to get used to the style of changing diapers. And And two, we had to get used to how docile you are. Your older brothers are a lot rougher and bigger eaters.

You know, we noticed how you have this lil serious look on your face whenever you suss out the environment that you are in. Lil frown lines would appear on your fore head while you figure out who is carrying you or which room you are at. It is the cutest expression and we would laugh at how solemn our lil baby is.

Anyhow, I just want you to know that your kor kors completely adore you and they would come by to kiss and sayang you throughout the day. I'm quite convinced that whilst they will be your bodyguards, you will in turn keep the two of them in check.

I love you my lil darling! Can't believe you are almost hitting a month soon! Too fast, I'd say!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No point crying over spilt (Breast)Milk

Liquid Gold

Breast Pump = $355
Bottles = $10.50

Spilling your freshly pumped breast milk over the kitchen counter = Priceless!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Seven Years

Me and my baby gal

Baby and I went out for dinner on Sunday evening.

It was our seventh dating anniversary and we thought it would be lovely to get out for a bit of us time.

After all, it has been a few hectic weeks with moving, settling in, having a new baby and Darien's Papa being in hospital. I think we were looking for a bit of a breather. =)

We brought Kate along because she's fully on breast milk and we weren't sure if my parents could cope with all three kids! And she was being such a good baby by sleeping through dinner and the car ride! (I love babies at this stage!)

T'was a good Italian dinner with the mains and desserts as highlights. I was craving for pasta and since I'm a full time milk machine, I am allowed to eat as much carbs as I like! =p

Being a Sunday evening, there were just us and a family having dinner in the restaurant. Which was just perfect in my opinion.

Seven years seem like such a long time but, really, it feels like it has just flown by. We've definitely grown in more ways than one. And love seems to take a deeper meaning than what it felt like in the beginning. =) The funny thing is, you realize that it takes a lot of work to make a relationship work. Love ain't the same without the additional effort.

I love my Hubbi. I think he's been amazing throughout the different points of our time together. Through the good and the bad (and sometimes very bad) he's always been the pillar of my life. Sometimes we disagree on things but, unlike how things are at the beginning, we tend to just let the smaller things go these days. (That's what growing old does to you! =p) I lean on him for most decisions and I know that we are in this for the long term.

He still makes me laugh. (And we do have a weird sense of humor.)

And he gives the best hugs. xx

So 3 beautiful kids later, here we stand.

Happy Anniversary Baby! ♥♥

Friday, November 06, 2009

Baby Kate - The Birth Story

Kate's birth story was not something that I expected.

I was somewhat hoping that I would deliver somewhere in my 37th week since she is my third baby. But the time came and went and nothing happened. We hit week 39 and still whilst there were some signs of contractions, nothing was really strong enough to warrant a trip to the hospital.

Here is the timeline for the birth.

Friday 23 Oct 09 - So during my visit to the gynae on Week 38 Day 6, she announced that I was actually 3.5cm dilated and that I was actually having contractions whilst she was doing an internal examination.

I was like WHAT? So we can have this baby any time now? But after being strapped onto the CTG, it was quite clear that nothing was going to happen that day.

My gynae did warn that things will go pretty fast after I hit 4cm.

The weekend passed and I didn't feel anything. However, walking around with the notion that you are dilated is quite scary. I was thinking what if my waters break in the middle of the movie? Or if I cannot feel the contractions and then the baby will just drop out of me when I'm walking. Tee hee.

Monday 26 Oct 09 11.26pm - I started feeling the contractions again. This time round, it was quite clear that it was something to be taken a lil bit more seriously as I was feeling it in my hips. I started to time the contractions and it was quite consistent for two hours before it slowly died down. I actually fell asleep so I guess things were heating up but it still wasn't time.

Tuesday 27 Oct 09 6:36am - I was woken up by a massive contraction which kept me up. This was followed by another two hours of rather strong waves of contracting. By this time, I woke the husband up and said, I think we better make a headstart to the hospital.

After making sure that the boys were being looked after, we left for the hospital. But NOT before stopping for breakfast at McD's (because you need to have energy for labouring... )

I called the gynae's clinic and they advised us to go in for a CTG to make sure that it's not a false alarm. Fair enough I thought. So we arrived at about 9:30am. Shortly after, they strapped me onto a CTG machine and it was clear that things were progressing.

A check by Dr K showed that we were 5 cm dilated. She mentioned that my baby head was low and could feel that my water bag was about to burst. I was then told to go to the hospital NOW. It was clear that we were going to have this baby that day.

11:30am - Darien drops me at the reception at Mt A while he went to park the car. I was sent up to the delivery ward. But as soon as the head nurse saw me, she went," Oh dear we don't have a delivery room for you." NOT GOOD. She did panicked for a bit cos we were @ 5cm.

At this point, my husband walked in and he went, "How bout we go back to TMC?"

That was when the nurse went, "Dun worry, we will sort out a delivery room for you." I was then shown to the observation room to be ,yet again, strapped on for monitoring because my gynae stipulated for constant monitoring.

12:05pm - I was told that I could move to an delivery room. The contractions were still quite bearable at this stage. I was then pushed to the room at the end of the aisle. Turned out it was the backup delivery room and it was just tiny.

It was also where I had my "show."

Right after, things got a lil bit more painful and I was just sucking on the gas for my pain.

We tried to press the call button for the nurses but it turned out the button was BROKEN.

So in the midst of my contractions, I had to grit my teeth whilst the administration lady came in with the handyman to FIX the blardy thing. My goodness.

Good thing she was friendly and got me some water and milo or else I would've lost my head at them.

2pm - Doctor K comes by for a visit. I was almost 6cm dilated. It was then when she did the internal examination that she burst my water bag.

Things were starting to heat up cause I was getting quite delirious with the pain. In fact, it got to the point where I was grabbing the rails whilst breathing in the gas.

2:15pm - I was once again told by the really nice nurse that she had a nicer delivery suite for me back at Room 2. And that she would like to MOVE me there. Arghz... By this time I was quite high from the gas and the pain. I remembered that it was the longest journey as she was pushing me in the wheelchair towards the new delivery room.

2:40pm - Things started to moving really quickly. I was given a pethadine jab because I needed something stronger than the gas. And by this time, the Eurasian nurse looking after me, insisted that my gynae be called to return IMMEDIATELY.

2.50pm - Doctor K arrives. She quickly got me in a position to push. After one push, the baby's head was out but I was squirting clots of blood and she knew that it was either my placenta separating OR my uterine scar from my previous c section was bursting. Dramas that I didn't know but my husband remembers oh so vividly. So she got the vacuum out and got me to push again. This time, the lil one came out completely.

After examining the placenta, she said that the cord was quite short and so as the baby descended, she was pulling the placenta and it was separating from the lining, causing it to bleed. Thank God for her quick thinking.

And that was my birth story. I must say that my recovery post birth was rather quick and I was feeling back to normal in a couple days. That said, I think age plays a part. Somehow I feel a lil more fatigued this time round than how I felt after my first two deliveries.

My husband has been amazing throughout this birth. He's the one that kept encouraging me when I was pushing cause I was so high on the gas... it took a lil bit of time for things to get through to my head. Poor baby was witnessing all the horrid parts of child birth as he had to hold my leg up to get me to push. Without him, I think my labour would've been a lot longer.

Baby Kate had a great AGPAR score after her birth and I was just glad that she arrived safe and sound. Despite being moved three times during my delivery, I thought the nurses at Mt A were really warm and decisive at anytime that I interacted with them. =)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Night Rambles

We have had a few busy days since Daddy's been away.

It's always amazing how things fall into place unexpectedly when you are managing the kids solo.

So far, we've been out meeting friends, playing with a friend's dog that just came back from Oz, play dates with other kids and furniture shopping... Buzzi bees we are.

I'm exceptionally thankful that, this time round, we are living back here in Singapore. It really does make a difference when you have a few more extra pairs of hands to help out with the kids, who can be such big bundles of energy. (Especially if you've met my boys... =p)

The kids are at the age where they know that Daddy is away, whether it is for work or other stuff. They've been rather good, really. Playing by themselves. Laughing heaps at silly stuff. And they occasionally say, "I miss Daddy." ♥

The part that I miss about having Darien around? It is the night duties that he does with the boys. He roughs and tumbles with them before bed time every night. And he reads to them. Sings songs with them. Preps their milk. And then sends them to bed.

All these while I have some ME time. =) Bliss...

Anywayz, it's gynae time tomorrow. Time to see the lil miss again.

We are almost at 35 weeks. Gasp! And we are NOT even ready at all!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Come Home Soon!

The husband left for Melbourne last night for a grand time of 12 whole days!!

Our house is finally ready and he's there for the inspection and handover which will occur a week later.

We've finally reached the end of the building chapter and now it's time to just finish some of the outstanding tasks like landscaping and fencing and then we'll decide what we want to do next.

One of the things about being heavily pregnant is the many restrictions that you have to endure when it comes to traveling. I guess carrying an almost 34.5 week bub in utero is a good enough reason to stay put for a while. =)

Plus, I've been feeling the fatigue a whole lot more in the last week so it's almost time for me to put my feet up and rest. But it's gonna be single mummy duties till he gets back and then we will be at the home run for this pregnancy. Scary thoughts!

We've spent a bit of time in separate places this year. More so, this year than any others. Usually, he only spends a day or two in Sydney but it's just been a longer stretch of time nowadays. And strangely, it's become quite a norm to just pick up the pieces of where he's left off when it's just me being here. I think it's a sign that we are all getting used to this traveling business for work. Kids, included.

I miss him when he is gone. Somehow the bed feels a lil empty and a part of your being is drifted somewhere else. Maybe this is what being life partners is, huh?

And the cutest thing that happens EVERY TIME the husband is not home for the night, the kids will ask, "Where is Daddy? How come he's not coming home?"

Sighz... come home soon Hunni. But have a blast in the old hometown!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Setting up the Nest

With the impending arrival of our third (and potentially last) child, I have been a lil busy (read: obsessive) about preparing her lil nursery. It's gonna be rush rush rush once I get the walls painted in the apartment. =)

Here are some of the products that I found online and really liked:


I have fallen in love with Oeuf's Sparrow cot in Grey.

A simple stylish cot, available in several colors. It is built in Europe and designed by a NY based firm, using environmentally friendly products, it is definitely everything that I look for in a bed for bubs.

If money was of no object, I think I would badger the husband into buying that cot. But alas, that amount spent could pretty much accessorize the rest of the nursery. =)

Oh one last thing to add, the beauty of this cot is that it converts to a toddler bed and thus extends its lifespan. =) Kinda makes it feel like a worthwhile investment, huh?


I got really excited when I saw the Belle and Boo prints on ETSY.

Looking at the illustrations make me feel that they are just whimsical and magical. They remind me of the old Enid Blyton books that I used to read when I was a wee one.

After much deliberation, I purchased three of her prints and I cannot wait to frame them and mount them on the wall.

by North American Bear

Ok.. not really an item I bought for the baby, I actually bought it for Jakey because he LOVES to rub the corners of any blankie or pillow on his nose. =) Kinda like Linus of Charlie Brown.

It's all of 8 inches long and it's made of ultra soft velour... it is meant to be placed over the newborn's tummy like a security blanket.

Once I saw it, I knew it was perfect for my lil boy!

And I was right! He hasn't let it out of his sight since he got it and it's his number 1 bedtime buddy now.

Seeing how much he loves it, I told the husband that we should buy a backup Baby Cozie just in case this goes into the wash.

Available in a few other assorted characters as well.

Mermaid Mobile by North American Bear

North American Bear makes the loveliest mobiles. Each one of them comes with a specific theme and an accompanying classical tune with it.

I like my baby's mobile to be quite old school so the new remote controlled ones do not cut it for me. =)

So I chose one from the North American Bear's line.

Now I can't wait for the cousin to lug it back from the States so that I can see it!

Alphabet Poster

I am toying with the idea of buying the prints and hang it close to the change table. =)

Something for bubba to stare at when she is a lil older and starts to kick around whilst I am changing her stinky diapers.

Isn't it beautiful??

Gosh I think I am spoiling this lil child before she is born. =)

Friday, September 04, 2009

Snoozey Babes.

It doesn't matter how old they get...

Somehow, as their Mom, you know that they are tired when they get really whingey.

And that is when it's time to pack those sleepyheads to dreamland. =)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

KEANE - Perfect Symmetry

I was in Bali when I realised that KEANE was coming to Singapore for a concert!!

Was in two minds if we should spend the moolah at hot hot Fort Canning but on the day itself, I thought, WTH?

KEANE = Great music, right?

It was the best decision ever. (although we did spend three hours fanning ourselves crazy with the freebie fan!)

I was expecting Tim the lead singer to be a fat lil english bloke so was I surprised that he has legs as long as a supermodel! Plus his new hair cut made him look a lot better in person. He had a lil bit of a military band like marching when he was standing still. But boy! can the man sing?! His vocals are awesome live.

It was a fun night out with the husband. I was quite beat after spending three hours on my feet but the music carried me through. Oooh all that walking up and down Fort Canning...

Now to think if I wanna go for the Beyonce/Black Eyed Peas one in September... but it would be incredibly close to Missy B's due date.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pregnancy #3 Week 29 - Crikety Hips and Dwell Baby


We've started checking items off our baby shopping list last week.

After spending time browsing through the baby stores for cots and such, we headed down to the treasure trove that is Kaki Bukit, which has two of the baby hypermarts, to see what they had to offer.

I was quite determined to buy a white cot and was surprised that most places only offer the pine or oak version. =( But I found what I was looking for there and managed to get a maxi cosi for a great price! It was the cheapest that we had uncovered and so we got one as a gift for our friends who just had their first lil boy today!

So I guess that totally triggered the nesting mode in me cause come Sunday, we were in Great World City for yum cha and I hopped into Mother Work Baby and discovered the most beautiful cot sets ever.

Dwell Baby is a branch of Dwell Studio from NYC. They do great graphics for home and both kids bedding, as well as, cots. I was so enamored by their designs that I bought a fitted sheet for Baby Gal and felt most gratified after paying good money for it. =)

In fact, I like their sheets so much that I was thinking of doing the boys room, when we move out, with some of their sheets and prints!

Anyway, as the lil bean in me gets bigger, my poor pelvic is paying the price for carrying her lil chubby body. Some days it hurt so much that I have to start rubbing the muscles that are linked to the pelvic floor just so that I won't have a lil limp in my walk. Sighz... and we've got another 10 more weeks to go! =)

But no worries, we shall soldier on. As long as she is healthy and comes out easy, I'm happy to go through this period.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Need to Cook

Pizza with potatoes, mozzarella, rosemary, thyme and tomatoes from

Man! I miss my kitchen!

I think it's high time that we get our place. The husband has another nine weeks, I think, to find a home.

The lack of space is killing me and I cannot figure out, where in the world, can we fit a cot in our current living arrangements. So there! I've given the ultimatum and now I'm sitting back and waiting for him to finish his fieldwork.

House hunting has never been so relaxing.

I just cannot believe that I've spent the last 4 years of my life searching for one house to buy after another.

Now I just want to kick up my feet and nest! And I need the space to do it. Do you hear me now, baby?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pregnancy #3 Week 27 - I'm carrying a lil piglet

'scuse the flat tummy

I am quite amazed at how exhausted I am this pregnancy.

The last two that I have experienced was a lot less tiring and I was pretty much active till my due dates. But this time round, I yearn for my bed after being out for a couple of hours. I send the husband to run errands and if there is anything I can get anyone else to do, I'll send the next willing volunteer out to do it.

Yes I am that lazy. =)

And the reason I found out yesterday at the gynae's visit is... that I am carrying a ginormous baby in my tummy. All 1.22kg of it at 27 weeks, which is at the 75th percentile.

My my! Apparently her abdomen is a lil chubbier than usual too. I guess someone's having a fun time growing in her water home.

At first, Dr K thought that it is the direct result of a probable gestational diabetes but it's not. Thank God.

Maybe this kid is just like her Daddy cos the boys were tiny in utero. ANow I fear the delivery process cause we have another 13 weeks to go and man! I wonder how much bigger she is going to get.

Better start researching diet plans now. *winkz*

Cat's Wedding Dinner

Darien's cousin, C, got hitched last weekend at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental.

We thought that traffic was going to be a nightmare with the hotel facing the NDP dress rehearsal and all but surprisingly we managed to get a spot in Marina Square. =)

The food was exceptional and I think this was one of the better dinners that we have attended.

It was a relaxed affair as the bride as the groom were quite laid back people. The kids had a ball playing with their cousin. So we managed to eat our way through dinner.

Congrats C&C! Here's to a lifetime of blessed happiness!

I bring my personal photographer everywhere

A pic of us that he took

Cuddles for Daddy

Monday, July 27, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Blues n the Beach

A beautiful Melbourne Day

Some days I wish for the weather to be like that of Fall. Beautiful melancholic tree branches with the gorgeous blue skies as a backdrop.

Been feelin' a lil down the past week. I think the mundane of daily life has taken its toll and I was looking forward to a lil change.

But it's hard to stay blue when you have two boys regaling tales of Thomas the Tank to you all day long, with funny twists of their imaginative toddler minds. They tend to surprise you with the most surprising actions when you least expect it.

Like when I was sharing a bag of chezels (latest preggie craving) with Kayden and I left the last few for him while I went to wash my hands. Yet when I came back to the living room, he said "Mommy I left the last one for you." =)

Our last beach vacation.

Anyway I digress... we leave for Bali next week. On the day I turn 28. MY SCARY AGE. But it will be a week of rest and beaches. Just what the doctor prescribes for this preggie soul.

Pregnancy #3 Week 21 - Let the shopping begin *Backdated**

I'm usually the conservative preggo mama.

This means that I wait till I am well into the second trimester before I start to prep for the baby's arrival. Everything before that just makes me nervous that it is too early to do so.

Yesterday we had an appointment for the 20+ week detailed scan at the hospital. In true typical style, we waited and waited for our turn to see the ultrasound lady.

Singapore has a much different approach to the Aussie system. In Melbourne, the husband was welcomed into the room with me at the start of the scan BUT it works in another manner here. The boys were told to wait outside whilst I get my measurements done and only at the end of probably 15 minutes, (where I spent twiddling my thumbs simply because I could not see what was on the screen!), when they were allowed in.

Baby gal was all of her usual active self. She really gave the lady a hard time with all her lil escapades off the ultrasound wand. She had to be chased in order to get a still picture of her lil anatomy, which I thought was hilarious.

But what a magical moment it was yesterday...when we finally got to see the lil one, she was smiling at us, busy waving with her hands, gave us a thumbs up and then at the last moment, pop her lil thumb into her mouth! It was clear as day that she has the same personality as my two boys!

Gosh and at that instant I fell in love with her. I love it that she is all spunky and active. Tomboy, I tell you. And what a cheery young lady I hope she will be.

So now that it is 99.9% confirmed that it is code pink, I think it's time for the shopping to begin!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Paris Walkabout

These few days have been a lil mundane, although the lil man woke up this morning with a puffy left cheek from a bug bite. Thought about our lil Parisian adventure a month n a bit prior... Just a lil bit of a peek into our days of wanderlust.

Rest stop at Laduree

Foliage engulfed building

Pretty Shopfronts

Books at Collette

Random garage door

Maison Martin Margiela

Eiffel in its twinkling glory
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