Monday, December 08, 2008

Pre Move Jitters

We are sooo close to moving home right now, I can almost smell the nasi lemak from the hawker center.

Apart from packing things into the boxes, we've sold most of our furniture and white goods, pending pick up closer to when we move. Plus, I've organized for Rustie to be flown back to SG, as well.

Sounds like I've got it all sorted?

Not really.

It seems like relocating is very much like getting married. There are a whole heap of nitty gritty that you gotta attend to. And it's expensive.

Also, because we are using niche products for our everyday needs, we have to stock up as well. Sighz. Troublesome, or what?

So I took out the weighing scale last night to estimate the the cost of shipping and I reckon we will be running up a bill of $XXXX to move the things home.

The funny thing is life is still going on as usual. There is no real urgency to have a "final" moment with the places that we love or the food that we crave. It's more like we are prepping for a holiday.

Clearly, denial is our middle name.

So, as I mentioned to a girlfriend, that day, that I guess it will hit us like a ton of bricks when we arrive in SG and realise that there is no return air ticket for us to come back to Melbourne.

Anyway, I guess 2009 will be a transitional year for us. Settling back into a familiar environment. Kayden starting school. And it's back to searching for an apartment again.

And life will take a different turn again.

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