Monday, December 01, 2008

A place in time

Decluttering can be a rather therapeutic experience.

Darien and I have started to pack our things and place them in their appropriate boxes. It's usually just mundane things like books and clothes and DVDs.

Tonight I cleared out a whole bag of old memories. Pictures from our early dating days. Photos of my uni days.

And, somehow, looking back at all these photos just transports me back to that time in my life.

When I'd just arrived in Melbourne. How I was staying in a small studio with my sister. Our uni friends back then. How young we all were!!

And then there was the time I met the love of my life. The moment that I knew my life had changed. The reasons that I chose him, and him, me. It brought back that defining moment in that chapter in time.

I felt like I was 21 yet again.

So I hopped over the other room where he was sitting and sat right down on his lap and smiled.

I have been loving this dude for a reallly long time and now I love him more that I did when I met him. =)

Ahh just a night in the Tan household.

"Memories... light the corners of my mind."

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