Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last Weekend

The view from the apartment

So this morning we opened our door to a bevy of people who trampled all over our apartment in search of their next home.

Which means, that, this is indeed goodbye for us, as we prepare to leave this place called home for the last 4 years.

Memories were built in this lil space and we are grateful for the time that we spent here. :)

After catching Wicked

So this week, we spent some time catching a concert and a play.

Hubbi bought tickets to Alicia Keys, who is wonderfully talented and gorgeous. And then we went for Wicked last night. Both of which we thoroughly enjoyed.

I will definitely miss the concerts and plays that are readily available.

But on the same token, I am really glad that Darien and I have been soaked in this culture that influence the way we live and breathe. We have made a few good friends in our lil journey and have tasted some of the finest wines and food that Australia has to offer.

But more importantly, we found each other which is the most wonderful thing that ever happened. And because of that, we had a lovely life and two beautiful kids out of it.

With that, we will carry a positive mindset as we leave for Singapore.

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