Friday, November 14, 2008

Spanish Tapas Love

Movida Next Door

Because we didn't get to go for a lovely dinner for our anniversary, Darien and I hopped over to Movida Next Door for a bit of tapas and spanish wine on Saturday evening.

We got a table @ the bar within 5 mins and settled on what we wanted almost immediately.

Thereafter, we sat and talked for the next hour or so over our tapas.

Let's just say that I will never ever look @ an animal's tongue, the same way again. :p

What I liked was the easy chats with the waiters and quick service. And their chilled seafood salad had me salivating for more.

The crowd @ the Canary Club

After that, we strolled over to The Canary Club for Ben and Tash's engagement partee.

Twas a mixed crowd of peeps and we had a lovely time sharing a few laughs with friends.

Just us

Love spending time with the husband.

I was looking forward to some us time after a long week of endless activities. It was just wind down time for us and a good opportunity for us to ketchup on stuff.

It's so important in a marriage to keep the romance alive because when you adore your partner, the love will descend down to the kids.

My husband is good @ making sure that we do that.

Lucky me, I guess!

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