Friday, November 21, 2008

My Thoughtful Boy

My 3yo is great fun at the moment.

It is honestly my best parenting period.

He understands almost everything and is able to fully converse with you sans babytalk.

He makes faces across the dining table and does that contemplative look (hands under chin included) when he considers his options.

He does that good bossy older brother thing where if Jakey doesn't sit on the couch to watch his telly, he will turn it off and tell him sternly, "Go sit down!"

The thing that I love most about him is his sensitivity.

The other night I had a tiff with the husband so I robbed him of all his blankets and huddled with them in the living room. (It was a cold night.)

The boy was watching a DVD with me and sauntered into the room during one of the scenes.

Which he then saw his Daddy all curled up into a ball.

So he hurriedly ran out and said, "Mom, Daddy's cold. He needs a blankie."

He then yanked one out of my stash and dragged it all the way back into the room.

Later when I was ready for bed, I found that he had the husband all covered up snugly with the blanket that he took.

How not to love? =)


  1. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Was that picture taken at Max Brenner????

  2. no la. This is taken @ a cafe on Rathdowne St called Tre Brasserie. =)

    Am I seeing you for CNY?

  3. awww.. kayden is so sweet... hahaa i wish my son will be like him 3 yrs later hahaa.. ;p


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