Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chanel Cruise Collection

Pretty boy from "Make me a supermodel" who got paid to look cool during the catwalk.

I attended the Chanel Cruise Collection fashion show with Ms D yesterday. The balmy weather was just perfect for the event. And it turned out that we both had really girly frocks on, whilst most of the crowd was in the trademark B&W style.

It was held on the Deck at the Prince Hotel. And the set up was just beautiful. Like beachy Miami, where the collection was first shown.

It was bags galore, as expected, and there were a number of Birkins hanging around and beautiful older ladies who epitomises the style of Chanel. It makes me wanna grow old like that too! (And buy a black classic, too)

Our main highlight was seeing these two girls walk in, one after another, wearing the same dramatic Scanlan top and black skirts. I think she heard us gasp cause when she walked past us later, she went, in a hushed undertone, "Yes we are wearing the same top." *mind boggles*

We had fun gossiping and enjoying the drinks & canapes that they served. But best of all, it was a good evening for us to frock up and let our hair down in the middle of the week. I like hanging with my galfriend. =)

One of the looks for the RTW collection

Just plain ol' us. ;p


  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    youre so lucky!! how did you get the invite??

  2. Haha.. my girlfriend's a VIP so I was her plus one. =)


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