Friday, November 28, 2008

30 days and counting

OMG we have hit the month's countdown and now that I have informed the agent that we are vacating, it's really time to get the gears going on the packing.

Here's a checklist of things to be done.
  1. Renew Exit Visa
  2. Organise for Rustie's flight
  3. Pack Pack Pack
  4. Sell the Car
  5. Organize movers for our stuff (oh so much!!)
  6. Clean the Apartment
  7. Declutter..
  8. Finishing touches for the house here in Melbourne.
Things to buy for Singapore
  1. Six months supply of Aveda Shampoo + Conditioner
  2. Organic Body wash
  3. MacBook + Accessories
  4. Digital SLR
  5. Coffee Machine + Grinder
  6. Crockery + maybe Riedel glasses
  7. Clothes for the boys + the Big Boy who doesn't have clothes his size in SG. Grrr!
Looks like this would be a busy month, especially with Christmas coming and all. Sighz. Seems like my love affair with Melbourne is really coming to an end. =(

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chanel Cruise Collection

Pretty boy from "Make me a supermodel" who got paid to look cool during the catwalk.

I attended the Chanel Cruise Collection fashion show with Ms D yesterday. The balmy weather was just perfect for the event. And it turned out that we both had really girly frocks on, whilst most of the crowd was in the trademark B&W style.

It was held on the Deck at the Prince Hotel. And the set up was just beautiful. Like beachy Miami, where the collection was first shown.

It was bags galore, as expected, and there were a number of Birkins hanging around and beautiful older ladies who epitomises the style of Chanel. It makes me wanna grow old like that too! (And buy a black classic, too)

Our main highlight was seeing these two girls walk in, one after another, wearing the same dramatic Scanlan top and black skirts. I think she heard us gasp cause when she walked past us later, she went, in a hushed undertone, "Yes we are wearing the same top." *mind boggles*

We had fun gossiping and enjoying the drinks & canapes that they served. But best of all, it was a good evening for us to frock up and let our hair down in the middle of the week. I like hanging with my galfriend. =)

One of the looks for the RTW collection

Just plain ol' us. ;p

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My favorite bits from the weekend

Just a few moments from the wet weekend. More photographic evidence that the year is ending and my boys are definitely not babies anymore. *sobs*

Reading Thomas the Tank Engine with Dad

My baby boy is all grown up now

Doing the duckie dance

Just us- taken by the boy

And my lil monster @ Husk.

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Thoughtful Boy

My 3yo is great fun at the moment.

It is honestly my best parenting period.

He understands almost everything and is able to fully converse with you sans babytalk.

He makes faces across the dining table and does that contemplative look (hands under chin included) when he considers his options.

He does that good bossy older brother thing where if Jakey doesn't sit on the couch to watch his telly, he will turn it off and tell him sternly, "Go sit down!"

The thing that I love most about him is his sensitivity.

The other night I had a tiff with the husband so I robbed him of all his blankets and huddled with them in the living room. (It was a cold night.)

The boy was watching a DVD with me and sauntered into the room during one of the scenes.

Which he then saw his Daddy all curled up into a ball.

So he hurriedly ran out and said, "Mom, Daddy's cold. He needs a blankie."

He then yanked one out of my stash and dragged it all the way back into the room.

Later when I was ready for bed, I found that he had the husband all covered up snugly with the blanket that he took.

How not to love? =)

Odd Sorts

Ya know, life is a funny thing and you never know when you'll be hit with a curveball.

This week has been one like that.

I have seen a lot in my short lifetime and experienced a different kind of life from most of my peers. The one thing that did change my life was meeting the husband.

In more ways than one, he makes me see the world in a much different light that what I would've on my own.

We had a lil incident this week that made us a lil pensive.

I guess I wasn't expected to be that saddened by the turn of events but it did hit me in its aftermath and I had to take some time to mourn.

But the beauty in this is, you realise that you are not in it alone. Whilst sharing what I was feeling, the husband mentioned that it made him sad that it did not go the way we thought it would.

And that is the thing I love most about him. He's always a strong man's man but he will not hesitate to share his feelings and thoughts with me. It makes me feel that I've got the best deal in my life. A husband... and a "galfriend" =)

I woke up feeling a whole lot better today. And I think I am ready to keep on moving.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Spanish Tapas Love

Movida Next Door

Because we didn't get to go for a lovely dinner for our anniversary, Darien and I hopped over to Movida Next Door for a bit of tapas and spanish wine on Saturday evening.

We got a table @ the bar within 5 mins and settled on what we wanted almost immediately.

Thereafter, we sat and talked for the next hour or so over our tapas.

Let's just say that I will never ever look @ an animal's tongue, the same way again. :p

What I liked was the easy chats with the waiters and quick service. And their chilled seafood salad had me salivating for more.

The crowd @ the Canary Club

After that, we strolled over to The Canary Club for Ben and Tash's engagement partee.

Twas a mixed crowd of peeps and we had a lovely time sharing a few laughs with friends.

Just us

Love spending time with the husband.

I was looking forward to some us time after a long week of endless activities. It was just wind down time for us and a good opportunity for us to ketchup on stuff.

It's so important in a marriage to keep the romance alive because when you adore your partner, the love will descend down to the kids.

My husband is good @ making sure that we do that.

Lucky me, I guess!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


There is a certain kind of peace within after a yoga class.

I managed to sneak a class in, yesterday, before I met the husband for a movie.

The studio that I visited was just my kind of space. It was lofty, welcoming and had generous offerings of green tea and apples. And then the room where we practised our stances had these big framed New York-esque windows all around, which let the natural light in.

So after an hour of good twisting, I was pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face waiting for me at the reception. =) We were meant to meet at the cinema and I was rushing to get to the changeroom to change so that I could rush off.

But he knew that I was working out there so he came to wait. =)

A workout and a date, what more can a gal ask for?

Maybe a pilates class on the weekend?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shop BlueBottle

Last week, we ventured to North Melbourne for a trial of the wooden pedaless bike for the boys.

And Shop BlueBottle is one of the coolest shops I've been into!

They have all these out of the world gadgets that I want want want but are a lil pricey for my liking!

Anyway, the boys made friends with the owner's son and they had a blast just trialling all the toys in the shop.

And we walked out with a new bike shortly after.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Six Years

Happy Anniversary Baby!!

They say you know when it is right.

And it has always been that feeling since we met.

I love you and I cannot imagine a life without you. =)

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!

Philip Island

Chess Playing

There is something really therapeutic about beach holidays, especially when you are staying at an house with ocean views.

We spent Cup weekend with friend hanging out at the beach and just eating random things.

Guys playing cricket

The boys played cricket whilst the lil ones were just building sandcastles in the sand.

King of the Castle

Having coffee @ Inverloch

Simple things make us happy. =)
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