Thursday, October 23, 2008

When Kayden turned 3

Singing Happy Birthday @ Daycare.

I cannot believe that my firstborn is all of three now. *He turned three earlier in the month*

That meant that I was freshly pregnant almost 4 years ago and was going through labour 3 years back! Eek!

That said, I am an immensely proud mother of two. I love my boys. I am always giving thanks for my two vibrant and often creative kids. My husband likes to savour special moments by nudging my arm, going "Aren't they cute, Dear? We are so lucky to have them."

My first attempt at baking his birthday cake - Thomas was the choice of the day

Ok so since this is his birthday post.. I will say a word or two about my lil boy.

I remember us being new parents to our wee lil baby in Oct 05. Whilst we had enormous parental love for our newborn, I think we were a lil stunned at how much our world has changed. :) But he flourished and became a wonderful baby who slept through the night at 4 months of age.

Three is a great age. (I guess I will keep saying it as they get older)

Spunky Boy

At three, Kayden is a very joyful boy who articulates his needs and wants really well. :) He hardly does his babytalk anymore. I guess this is one of the best times of parenting because we love talking to him. You never know what will come out his mouth next. We made it a game to tease him on some of the things he know EG: confusing Elmo with Cookie Monster. And absolutely love love his random "No…"

Feeding his lil bro

He loves being a big brother to Jakey. He would make sure that Jake gets an equal share of food and drinks and he is not being bullied by anyone else in Daycare. In Kayden's world, on he can tell Jake what to do. No one else can. ;) Bossy lil 3 year old, he is.

One for the album

Often, the joys of hearing the two of them having a ball of a time, is just an amazing experience as a parent.

He's a rather passive child. Not one to start a fight at the playground. And recently he's been making friends with the kids there and he totally enjoys running amok and doing all the stuff that boys do when they play. Mommy here just sits on the sideline to keep an eye cause I know that there's a time for letting go.

Mommy's babies

All in all, I am a proud mama. I am really thankful for my beautiful lil boy who has brought us so much joy and is just such a delight to look after.

So, baby boy, we love you so much and we thank you for being such a light in our lives.

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