Sunday, October 05, 2008

Singapore Day

This is where we are going, Jake

Yesterday we went for Singapore Day at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. The queue to get in was looong. I think we waited for about an hour in the line. But that was cool and really quite expected. So whilst Darien was queueing up, I took the boys for lil strolls at the grass patch nearby to while the time away.

It's funny how when Singaporeans gather for an event that is organized by their mother land, all their usual local antics were out there for the show as well.

Poor thing was caught between a crazy undergrad and an older couple who couldn't stop complaining about how the marshalls were letting the families with strollers have priority to the gate. :(

Lazing in the warm sunshine

The event was highly successful IMO. The entertainment was hilarious and the food were quite decent for the volumes that they had to serve up.

The best thing was the beautiful weather that we had. It was just lovely sitting on the grass, eating and watching local productions.

The cast of PCK

PCK is still as funny as he was back in the day. It's interesting how Singlish sounds so distinguished after being away from it for so many years!!

My lil lollipop boys

The boys had a blast going to all the different stations. And basically enjoying the outdoors.

My primary school friend who is working in the education ministry now.

I bumped into a couple of friends from ancient days and was totally stoked to see them after all these years. :) Happy was I.

Sun kissed faces.

We took away the message that was constantly drummed into our heads consistently that day to go back to SG and visit real soon... And how much Singapore has apparently changed. Tee hee. It just all sounds so optimistic.

And I wonder how much of that is really true.

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