Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Calm after the Storm

I have always been rather content with my life.

I have a good thing going, and I know it. We have worked hard for it and thoroughly deserve it.

I love my husband and I adore my children. They are my nucleus, something that I will protect with my life.

Trust is always an important factor for me. If that is broken, there is lil or no chance of mending that, in my opinion.

It is safe to say that I tend to mind my own business and go abouts my own way when I am doing things.

I live life by a simple philosophy where if I dun mess with you, dun fuck around with me.

So we had a situation last week, which has exploded into a fucking circus.

A number of people got involved, more than what I expected. And certain truths were told, as well as, certain tales, of which, were mentioned out of a protective nature for a friend.

I was furious. And I made that known. To everyone who was involved.

But in any instance, my stance is clear on one thing.

I don't take bullshit.

And I won't go down without a fight, if I need to protect my family from any external factors.

The husband had to do a lot of firefighting in the frontline last week. Him being in the eye of the storm.

This situation should not have arised.

And people really need to use their heads, especially when they drink.

Let's just say that if a similar instance happens again, more heads will roll.

And there is no turning back.

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