Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Weekend in Pics

Cuddles for Seiko

Sugar Infestation by Auntie Dawn

Lazy Lounger

Home made Spaghetti Bolagnase

Learning Vietnamese Cooking from H's Mommy.

The future of Olympic table tennis?

Tai Tai dom

Lunch with the girlies the week before

So Monday was the day I left work and never to return.

It was surprisingly not as emotional as what I thought it would be. In fact, other than the cupcakes that my boss sneakily ordered, it was just a regular work day.

I cleared up most of what was left to be done (cause work is neverending, even if you are leaving), packed my desk and did a handover with the boss.

So now that I am in Day 3 of unemployment, I have to say that I struggled in the first two days.

I woke up bright and early in Day One. Only to realise that I didn't have to rush for the tram. So off I went back to bed.

Day Two was a turning point of sorts. I totally felt like I was a lil out of control of what my life was meant to be. I was a lil grouchy and just wanted to be left alone. In fact, I was feeling so blue that I went to bed early.

But when I woke up this morning, I felt a lil better and decided to be productive. Ran some errands and did a couple of things around the house with the boys. Then off we went for some coffee and cookies @ a cafe. Therapeutic, I'd say.

Now I think I am a-ok to be a full time mommy again.

At least till we settle back to Singapore.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Where's my rubber duckie?

Bath time is an important time in the Tan household.

It means that the kids would get all splishy splashy in the tub whilst cleaning themselves. A time where they can play and express themselves in aqua mode.

And more importantly, Mom and Dad gets a lil bit of personal time. =)

We just have to listen out for the noises that they make in the bathroom to know what antics those two get up to.

And believe me, when it gets all quiet, you know they are up to no good.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good Things Come in Shades of Red

Long stemed red roses

Boys munching on strawberries

What's left in the punnet

Pic taken by Kayden

When Kayden turned 3

Singing Happy Birthday @ Daycare.

I cannot believe that my firstborn is all of three now. *He turned three earlier in the month*

That meant that I was freshly pregnant almost 4 years ago and was going through labour 3 years back! Eek!

That said, I am an immensely proud mother of two. I love my boys. I am always giving thanks for my two vibrant and often creative kids. My husband likes to savour special moments by nudging my arm, going "Aren't they cute, Dear? We are so lucky to have them."

My first attempt at baking his birthday cake - Thomas was the choice of the day

Ok so since this is his birthday post.. I will say a word or two about my lil boy.

I remember us being new parents to our wee lil baby in Oct 05. Whilst we had enormous parental love for our newborn, I think we were a lil stunned at how much our world has changed. :) But he flourished and became a wonderful baby who slept through the night at 4 months of age.

Three is a great age. (I guess I will keep saying it as they get older)

Spunky Boy

At three, Kayden is a very joyful boy who articulates his needs and wants really well. :) He hardly does his babytalk anymore. I guess this is one of the best times of parenting because we love talking to him. You never know what will come out his mouth next. We made it a game to tease him on some of the things he know EG: confusing Elmo with Cookie Monster. And absolutely love love his random "No…"

Feeding his lil bro

He loves being a big brother to Jakey. He would make sure that Jake gets an equal share of food and drinks and he is not being bullied by anyone else in Daycare. In Kayden's world, on he can tell Jake what to do. No one else can. ;) Bossy lil 3 year old, he is.

One for the album

Often, the joys of hearing the two of them having a ball of a time, is just an amazing experience as a parent.

He's a rather passive child. Not one to start a fight at the playground. And recently he's been making friends with the kids there and he totally enjoys running amok and doing all the stuff that boys do when they play. Mommy here just sits on the sideline to keep an eye cause I know that there's a time for letting go.

Mommy's babies

All in all, I am a proud mama. I am really thankful for my beautiful lil boy who has brought us so much joy and is just such a delight to look after.

So, baby boy, we love you so much and we thank you for being such a light in our lives.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Date Night

Last night we went out for a lovely dinner date.

The husband decided that since we've not seen each other for two weeks, we should go out for some alone time.

So right after work, he whisked me off to Crown for a dinner at Rockpool, followed by a movie and then a martini @ the Tonic Bar.

T'was a relaxing evening. My mac and cheese craving was thoroughly satisfied at Rockpool. And Body of Lies was just as intriguing, although I prefer DiCaprio as a pretty boy.

Fleur Wood & Heels @ Tonic Bar

My feet hurt from my blardy heels, but, really, that is the only hiccup of the night.

It is good having him home. =) I do like being a pampered missus.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guess who's home?

Seeing the husband after a two week hiatus is a bittersweet feeling.

Bitter in the sense that I was sooo angry with him for a long time while he was away.

Sweet in that I love having him around.

I found myself staring at him for a long period of time when we were at yum cha.

I did miss him so. I miss his smell. His touch. His words. And everything else about him.

I am a sucker for him, basically. *wink*

And it's good to know that the feelings are reciprocated.

BUT that does not discount the fact that he now has to serve out his term for making me so mad for some of his antics when he is away.

Now that is the price to pay for not be totally accountable.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Lelong Lelong

Storytime with Auntie Jess

Dawn and I wanted to do a Camberwell Market run before the year runs out, so we finally got a store last Sunday.

The original plan was to leave the kids @ home with Darien but, alas, the big fella was in Singapore getting himself into all sorts of trouble.

Anyway, I packed the kids and all the stuff into the car at 5 in the morning. It was a breezy start to the day. But once we got there, it was busy busy busy till mid day.

People looking through stuff

But what a way to clear junk! I made some cash that day selling things that I will never wear again at ridiculous prices. Great way for getting rid of stuff.

My lil fellas in their make shift mat

The boys had a blast just hanging out @ the market. They were cheeky as. There were heaps of junkfood eating *sighz* and a whole lot of running around. In the end, they were so tired that both started snoring once I loaded them into the car seats.

T'was a good day. I can see us doing it again, if we have a chance.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Calm after the Storm

I have always been rather content with my life.

I have a good thing going, and I know it. We have worked hard for it and thoroughly deserve it.

I love my husband and I adore my children. They are my nucleus, something that I will protect with my life.

Trust is always an important factor for me. If that is broken, there is lil or no chance of mending that, in my opinion.

It is safe to say that I tend to mind my own business and go abouts my own way when I am doing things.

I live life by a simple philosophy where if I dun mess with you, dun fuck around with me.

So we had a situation last week, which has exploded into a fucking circus.

A number of people got involved, more than what I expected. And certain truths were told, as well as, certain tales, of which, were mentioned out of a protective nature for a friend.

I was furious. And I made that known. To everyone who was involved.

But in any instance, my stance is clear on one thing.

I don't take bullshit.

And I won't go down without a fight, if I need to protect my family from any external factors.

The husband had to do a lot of firefighting in the frontline last week. Him being in the eye of the storm.

This situation should not have arised.

And people really need to use their heads, especially when they drink.

Let's just say that if a similar instance happens again, more heads will roll.

And there is no turning back.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008


I have had a few busy days in the past week.

And I will be for the following one as well.

Isn't it funny how life sometimes puts you in situations where you have to make certain decisions where you have to dig deep into your pockets to find an answer.

What makes the whole mix even more complex is the addtion of extra factors like children?

What can you do to make everyone happy?

And at what level can you tolerate till you really feel that unappreciation is part of the lifelong game?

And what if you are tired and really just don't want to do anything to make things better.

My mind is swirling and I have to think.

I need to make a plan for us. And I will do it quick.

Wish me luck.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Walkie Walk

Walking is a great way to wind down from a busy work day.

And since the big guy is away, I had my two lil spunks accompanying me.

We saw some of the crew springcleaning one of the many yachts moored at our doorstep. Getting ready for the summer to come.

Ahh if only we have one at our disposal too!!

Jakey on the new scooter.

Kayden on his fave trike.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Grumpy Lumps and Stuff

Three nights of interrupted sleep makes one a really grumpy person.

And it hit its threshold tonight when the exhaustion took over.

The poor husband copped a bit of its brunt and spoke to me in "what can I do for you?" tone.


I guess I just needed some peace for a bit. (which is a hard call in the presence of two kids)

And then the food came and it made me feel a whole lot better.

Maybe I was just hungry. ;p

Anyhow it's back to being single mom again. Hubbi's gone for the weekend so I've got the rascals for the next couple of days. It's gonna be a busy one though. I like.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Singapore Day

This is where we are going, Jake

Yesterday we went for Singapore Day at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. The queue to get in was looong. I think we waited for about an hour in the line. But that was cool and really quite expected. So whilst Darien was queueing up, I took the boys for lil strolls at the grass patch nearby to while the time away.

It's funny how when Singaporeans gather for an event that is organized by their mother land, all their usual local antics were out there for the show as well.

Poor thing was caught between a crazy undergrad and an older couple who couldn't stop complaining about how the marshalls were letting the families with strollers have priority to the gate. :(

Lazing in the warm sunshine

The event was highly successful IMO. The entertainment was hilarious and the food were quite decent for the volumes that they had to serve up.

The best thing was the beautiful weather that we had. It was just lovely sitting on the grass, eating and watching local productions.

The cast of PCK

PCK is still as funny as he was back in the day. It's interesting how Singlish sounds so distinguished after being away from it for so many years!!

My lil lollipop boys

The boys had a blast going to all the different stations. And basically enjoying the outdoors.

My primary school friend who is working in the education ministry now.

I bumped into a couple of friends from ancient days and was totally stoked to see them after all these years. :) Happy was I.

Sun kissed faces.

We took away the message that was constantly drummed into our heads consistently that day to go back to SG and visit real soon... And how much Singapore has apparently changed. Tee hee. It just all sounds so optimistic.

And I wonder how much of that is really true.
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