Monday, September 22, 2008

When the Weekend Beckons


I must admit that every time Thursday swing by... my heart gets a lil excited about the weekend.

The first thing that pops up, God bless the shopper in me, is where can I go to shop? The endless quest to find another item to add to my already bursting closet. :)

But the tale always ends up being told ohsodifferently.

How do you say no to memories like these?

The new basketball player in the house

Cajoling Jakey to come play

Putting his serious side on

Lantern Fest @ Federation Square


  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Love the first picture...and the one where Kayden looks like he's going to cry.

    Your boys are going to have lot's of lovely childhood pics for their wedding video montage.


  2. No lah he wasn't going to cry. :) Just being a lil sooky, that's all.

    How's your store?


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