Monday, September 01, 2008

When Kayden was introduced to Cayden

The other night, I was on showing Kayden pictures of his cousin, with the same namesake, on FaceBook.

Me: *points to Cayden* This is Cayden
K: Noooooo.....
Me: Yes it is. It's Cayden.
K: Nooooooo....

He then got a lil frustrated with me and walked away.

So tonight my sister called and we spoke for a bit.

I told her about our lil conversation.

Then I put Kayden on the phone.

She asked him the same question.

And he went "Nooooo" again!

Boy, was she amused. *tee hee*

Clearly my child has the notion that he is the only kid on the planet with this name. Too cute!

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