Monday, September 01, 2008

Scones and Such

Over the weekend, we hopped up to Mt Dandenong for a pinch of some scones and tea at Ms Marples.

Along the way, we drove past some cyclists as they were trekking their way up to the top of the hill and saw one of them almost giving up by the side of the road.

I teased the husband about his ex-cycling days. *gazes at the unused Bianchi sitting @ the corner*

Too soon, I'd say.

He hasn't used it for months!! (and he better use it soon, or else, EBAY here we come! That would make a lovely contribution to my purple chanel ;))

We laughed about the distance he previously covered and all the funny things he's experienced and saw.

My husband - man of many hobbies. Sometimes he drives me crazy with all his new ideas and funny thoughts and all his dreams.

As you can tell, I'm the more passive person in the relationship. I am pretty much the creature of habit that does the same thing day in and out. Boring! My only vice is shopping and food.

My boys tend to take after their Dad, in this aspect. They love adventure and outdoors. And doing all those silly antics and stunts that sometimes makes my heart stop. They are very hands on kids who like mimicing our lil tasks at home.

Ahh… the revelations of life!

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