Wednesday, September 03, 2008

One Sunny Day

I always wondered why the weather is always beautiful the day you send someone on their final journey.

Blue skies and warm weather greeted us as we made our way to Ballarat.

In fact, it is a perfect spring day.

I am sitting here with two snoozing bubbas as I had just dropped Darien off to attend a funeral for one of his clients/friend.

I met Merryn a couple of times and she struck me a generous and kind soul. According to Darien, she was working really hard to keep her cancer at bay and it worked for a while till a relapse in the last few months.

She passed on at home on Monday.

He is rather saddened by it when I met him for lunch yesterday. I asked if he wanted me to come along and at first, he declined. But, after chatting with him for a bit, he said that it would be lovely if I did.

The initial plan was for us both to go alone and leave the kids with the nanny but, alas, she was sick today so I'm left here sitting in the car park waiting. Ah well.

Anyhow, the death of someone in your first degree tends to spark off thoughts of your own time on Earth. How inevitable death is. How worthy are you living your life now. How you want your funeral to be.

Hubbi was tossing some ideas on his own plans and some things we can't see eye to eye with.

So I said, "You realise that I will be deciding anyway, rite?"

He just smiled at that mention.

Some things don't change in life, or in death. ;p

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