Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bringing up Children

I used to think that when I have kids, I would be the kind of mom that sits on the couch and watch all the old Disney cartoons with my children as I brush their hair and coo all over them.

Fast forward to now, when I have kids, I am the kind of mom who encourages my kids to watch lesser TV and to go outdoors to do some sports or play in the play ground. I try to raise them to be friends with technology but not be addicted to them. Yet somehow my kids are smart lil minks who knows how to work the telly, Foxtel and DVD player.

I am aware of the many perks that children have these days.

I also know that I can indulge them in a lot of extravagant ways but something inside me is holding off on spoiling my kids with material stuff.

Raising spoilt children is not really on our radar.

We have stopped buying big ticketed items for the boys a few months back when I realised that they have a really short attention span on toys. Somehow the more expensive the toys are, the rate of return on the interest level is marginally low. They tend to play with it for a bit and then it just gets mixed up with the rest of the toys.

What I do, nowadays, is enforce a play and clean up rule. They play. They clean.

That way they appreciate what they have.

I guess the good old hard working ettiquette is the best way to bring up grounded kids.

Afterall, Darien and I wouldn't want to be working our bums off to set something up for the children only to have them blow it in 2 seconds.

So, since the husband and I believe that kids should get all the fresh air they can, we have been actively bringing them out to the parks and playgrounds every weekend. It gives them the space to stretch their legs and make some friends.

That said, Hubbi and I believe that we got two great kids on our hands. They are the funniest and most random lil people who never fail to crack us up with their funny antics. Simple things make them happy. (which we should all take a leaf out of their book.)

And what makes us happy is they love us for who we are.

That is the magic of children. They give their all. Something that is so rare in society these days.

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