Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am on a mission to lose a few pounds.

See I never fret about my weight before… If I feel pudgey I'd eat less but most days I dun really care, la.

Afterall, organic eating has served me quite well. I tend to be around the same region on the weighing scale.

UNTIL I bought a pair of jeans ONE SIZE TOO SMALL. (Should've listened to the website)

And I am too lazyarse to send it back to exchange it.

I tried it on casually and it obviously wouldn't budge.

So I jumped and held my breath…. Sucked in my tummy till my face was flushed.

The husband, who was watching closeby, was cracking up like there is no tomorrow. ("ONE WEEK OF DETOX WILL WORK, BABY", he said)

Plus it doesn't help to have an enthusiastic 3 yr old hopping behind me.

So after 5 minutes of held breath and sufficient manipulation techniques, I got the button on. Barely. ;p

Hahaha… oh well.. I can 1. Lose some bit of tummy (which will be great for the summer) or 2. exchange it.

I think I might go with the former. (Well there has to be some thing in it for me as the wife of a personal trainer.)

Wish me luck!

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