Monday, September 15, 2008

Lil Bits of Love

Last night, when we were lying in bed, Kayden cuddled up to me, to peek at my laptop ,whilst I was surfing the Net.

The boy had his head on my shoulder so I gave him a lil peck on his forehead.

He grinned when I did that and proceeded to give Mom a series of kisses on the cheek.

Oh the amount of love I felt!

One can never replace the innocence of a child's love. It's simple and generous. And a lil ticklish.

It made me struggle as I woke up for work this morning. My heart felt a lil tug when I left him sleeping and the lil one with the nanny.

The privileges of being a Mom.

I just wish they're not growing up so quickly cause I want to cuddle them in my arms always.

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