Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday Lunch

One of my colleagues took us out for lunch today as a way to thank us for helping out.

It was an all out wine and dine fest at a local italian place and we had such a lovely time.

Along with the vino, comes out all the silly lil catchups, that would never cross anyone's lips, on a typical work day.

And one of the sadder things I've heard, is one of the managers had a stillborn baby on the weekend.

My heart just stopped a second.

After all, I did see her burgeoning belly just a few weeks back and it's hard knowing that someone of that proximity has lost a baby this way.

That only makes me think about the times when the kids drive me up the wall with their crazy antics and stubborn streaks. And how angry I get when they misbehave.

It just seems so trivia in compared to her loss.

Ah well, the next time those rowdy kids of mine start to throw all their toys on the floor and make a mess out of the house, I will take a deep breath and remind myself that I am only this lucky to have a moment like that.

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