Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Obsession with the Odd Shaped Ball

I must say that for all my years of living in Melbourne, I have never had the inclination to embrace the AFL.

For one, I personally think the game is a waste of time and would not waste a minute of my life watching it. And two, it is the only game in the world, that I know of, that gives you a point for missing the goal post.

Basically, none of the teams are good enough to warrant my attention.

There. I've said it.

My husband is a sports buff. He's the kind of person who can talk to you about any sport. His favorite sport is basketball, of course and he plays it twice a week. He's the kind that would turn the ESPN as his top channel on Foxtel.

So there's been a bit of a tassle for channels when we are both home. I like my mommy channels. He likes sport. The kids pretty much win the battle with their kiddy programs.

HOWEVER, something changed in NZ. We went to an All Blacks game and since then I'm a rugby convert. I love how the game is being played. And it helps that the players are a bunch of eye candy. No prizes for guessing my fave at the moment. Mr Dan Carter.

Needless to say, my husband is very amused at my insistence on going home so that I can watch MY OWN game on telly the last few times. :)

We've finally agreed on one program. Who knew such a day would exist?

Don't laugh if you see me sporting an All Blacks jersey next time!

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