Wednesday, August 27, 2008

When Jake Turned Two

Dear Jakey,

Turning two is a momentous event in our household!

It is because Daddy and I both know that this is the turning point of you leaving the baby stage and moving on to the toddler/boy stage.

It is the time when you start to make your own decisions and start taking steps to become your own lil person.

So two years ago, you came into our world all rushed and angry. Daddy will always remember the dash to the hospital and how quickly you were delivered.

That kinda set the pace for the last twenty four months. As the littlest person @ home, you've got a big brother to follow around. And that was exactly what you did, you lil sponge. Everything your Kor Kor does, you will learn and grasp in an instant.

You love playing with Kayden and in return, he sees you as his lil partner in crime. Oh the mischief that you two get into! At times, he would exert his lil superiority over you by telling you what you should and should not do. (Not that you listen all the time!) Other times, he would attempt to feed you whilst sharing food with you. But there is no other child he would share his biggest laughs with.

I cannot tell you how much joy you brought to us all. You are like my silly lil bear. Always happy in the morning and that usually carries on to your bed time. We always wondered where your early morning routine and early bedtime habit came from. Neither of us are early sleepers. :)

Daddy loves it when he gets up and he sees you lying awake @ your cot … and how your eyes will light up when you see him creeping up, screaming Daddy as he approaches.

However, there is no question where you got your stubborn streak from. Sometimes you fight lil silly battles that have us cracking up in laughter. Mostly, you will stop after we offer you some lil treat. But you are rather good natured, generally.

All in all, pumpkin pie, you have made us so happy. You are truly one of a kind.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!


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