Thursday, July 10, 2008

Marlborough Region - Blenheim

Don't you love the majestic mountain ranges? I do.

One of the things we wanted to when we planned our trip was to visit the Marlborough region.

We love visiting different vineyards and so we took the opportunity to see what this region can offer. Savignon Blancs are definitely their most popular export.

Blenheim is considered a pretty established town in a regional setting. It has a large town center and a lot of amenities.

Jakey boy

We decided to stop there for a night and stayed at this holiday park, situated by a lake and next to a bridge. There were sheep grazing just across the water and it had such a lovely country feel to it.

I took the kids for a walk in the morning and we went to say Hi to the ducks swimming in the lake.

The crowd @ Cork and Keg

That night, we ventured to an English pub for dinner. It was just coincidental that they were showing an All Blacks game on the big screen so it was pretty crowded that night.

They had this beef pot pie that was really really good. And I ended up pinching it off Darien. :(

The lake in front of the cafe - So delfin!

However, it was impossible to find a cafe serving brekkie on Sunday morning. Oh the horror! We circled the town a couple of times before Darien spotted a restaurant by the river.

Allan Scott - Family winemakers

We headed to the vineyards, right after breakfast, and spent a lil bit of time wine tasting. The weather was perfect and the air was so crisp.

Hubbi at Cloudy Bay

Hubbi, being a bit more of a red drinker lately, only bought a few bottles this time round.

What I loved and learnt, from the few glasses that I tasted, was their pinot noir. It was beautiful. Fruity, full bodied and dry. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My contemplative child

I didn't really think much about the different vineyards that we visited that day but looking back, I think I did like the character of the region. Each winery was unique and had its own personality.

Leaving our footprints behind

I think we will be back again for lunch and a lil bit more vino.

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