Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have had a busy few days @ work.

So it's a lil safe to say that I was a bit of a grumpy lump for some parts.

We decided to catch a movie yesterday evening and I chose Mama Mia for its timing.

(even though I had secretly wanted to watch it asap!! But I know the husband is dying for Hancock… heh! )

And I loved loved loved it!!! It truly lifted my spirit.

I grew up with ABBA music and I used to sing along when my parents used to play it in the car. So you can just imagine the joy I had, reliving its memory when it was onscreen!

I went in with no expectations and it turned out that it was a well executed plot with three rather charming mature men and the fantastic Meryl Streep. It was very very funny. :) I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Turned out that Darien had just as much fun watching it too! He suggested that we should catch the musical too, if we have the chance.

And now I'm dying to watch it again. Dammit… I might just get the CD.

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