Monday, July 14, 2008

A Lil Dishwashing Chat

The kids slept a lil earlier last night.

So Darien and I had a rare opportunity to hang out in the luxury of our own home, with no distractions..

Whilst washing the dishes, he asked me about my thoughts on our Big Move.

I told him that I am not overthinking it. In fact, I think I am ready to do it when the time comes.

Maybe this is a sign of getting older. Your thoughts change and you no longer fear the not so unknown.

After all, we are moving home where our friends and family are.

I think, as parents, we have to think about how we can take the opportunity to maximise our youth so that our children can have a better future. We definitely want to give them a headstart in life.

I guess, for me, the most important thing is not the location but the people. As long as I have my loved ones around me, I think I will be a-ok for the road ahead.

I love it that we talk about everything and we take each other's opinion in most decisions that we make. If anything, I think this is how we tick as partners. :)

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