Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Franz Josef

The Franz Josef Glacier

In our (over)ambitious planning to tour the whole of the NZ South Island, we decided to head north and then westwards towards the glaciers before heading down to Queenstown.

So that decision that we made resulted in a seven hour drive. It was long and a tad boring.

But we had the best steak sandwich in the remote town of Murchison. It was so foggy when we entered the town that it had a ghostly aura about it. Still our fears were overtaken by our hungry tummies and so we went to the only hotel in that town for lunch.

The tiny town center

By the time we reached the Franz Josef region, it was almost dusk. And we were a lil beat from all that driving.

So we decided to spend the night @ the Top 10 Holiday Park which had a 5 star rating.:) Haha... No it's not luxury campervanning. It just means that they have better facilities than others, like a Gaming Room and really nice family shower rooms.

We started the next day bright and early. Our plans to hike up the glaciers were knocked back as the kids were too young to trek.

On the way...

That meant that we have to go for the more expensive option - Heli Hiking. Thank God the weather were beautiful that morning. The sky was clear and the air was crisp. It was perfect condition for a heli ride.

One for the album

The first company we called had to reject our booking as they needed another adult in order to make flight costs. So the kind consultant recommended that I go to the smaller one down the route.

And I was glad we did cause we had the entire 'copter to ourselves.

Isn't it magnificant?

The glacier was very majestic. I was very much in awe of its structure and a lil dismal at the effects global warming has on it. We spent twenty minutes up there and we took in all its funny formations and structures.

We brought the kids for a short hike after and saw the glaciers from afar.

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