Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Day Before

Ah so tomorrow I edge a lil closer to the late twenties tag.

And strangely this year, there is not much time for me to drag my feet and whinge about losing my youth. :)

So to sum up end of my twenty sixth years … I..

  • started a building project with the husband
  • went on a wild road trip in the south island of new zealand
  • celebrated my third wedding anniversary with the love of my life - where has the time gone?
  • went back to work
  • started regular date nights with the husband
  • spent a bit more time with the girlies.
  • Bought my first snow board and boots!
Well the truth is there is probably more that I've done but two pregnancies meant that the brain has deteriorated a lil . :p

I can feel that I am a lot more comfortable in my skin and am a lot more perspective about my actions. I am a lil calmer and less reckless. I tend to appreciate the pace of life now.

My kids have definitely bring a different dimension to my life. I used to tease the husband about spending my twenties raising kids whilst everyone else is out partying. But really … I think having them young has made me a lot more determined to get more out of my life, instead of sponging around. :p

We are flying up to Sydney for the weekend to celebrate my 27th and I cannot wait to dine @ Tetsuya's and watch the Aust vs All Blacks game on Sat evening with the boys.

So I guess if this is the way I welcome my 27th birthday … maybe just maybe… growing a lil older isn't all too bad after all.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday Babe!!!

    Tell me all about the dining experience yah? Can't wait!


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