Sunday, June 08, 2008

Michael Bublé

Blink and you might miss him.

This was the concert that we almost didn't attend.

One failed attempt to sell this on Ebay sealed our fate.

Boy was I glad we were there.

Michael Bublé is a ridiculously wonderful and consummate performer. He was so funny that we were laughing in stitches for half the show. What I love was how he has no qualms taking the mickey out of himself. It was a massive crowd of 11000 people @ Rod Laver and yet, like he promised, it turned out to be an intimate performance.

If there was a better concert to fall in love again, this is probably it. Jazz and contemporary music performed live makes this heart swoon.

Darien was whingeing about me dragging him to the show and he was caught offguard how much he enjoyed it. :)

We went for cocktails, after, at Comme Bar and had a lovely time getting reaquainted again.

Me thinks we need more nights like that this winter!

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