Wednesday, July 02, 2008


On Saturday, we ventured up to Kaikoura, after our lil sulphur detox session.

We were meant to stop there for a night but, as it turns out, it was a sleepy lil beach town except that they had whales off their coast!

So we hopped into the I Station and they said that we could only do the heli-whale sighting cause the kids are all under three. OR leave them with the childminding services for 4 hours whilst we go on the cruise. So we hmmmed and hahhhed and decided to give it a miss.

Simply because we did something similar in Nelson's Bay, NSW a few years back.

So we started searching for lunch and a lady recommended that we try the hotel by the boardwalk but alas, their chef was sick and so lunch would only start an hour later. So no luck there, again.

We settled for lunch at a regular café where Kayden threw a tantrum so he sat at a corner for most of the meal. Then he decided to join us so that was the end of his self imposed punishment.

The BEST part of Kaikoura is … the search for a roadside crayfish store.

Our friends mentioned that these babies are quite cheap! Which left us scratching our heads cause those that we saw in town were pretty much regular restaurant prices. Until… we hit Nins Bin.

Doin' the jiggy.

And this was what we got for $55. Now that is a bargain baby!

With garlic butter.

The kids know what the good stuff is.

Life cannot be any sweeter. Not when you are eating crayfish by the roadside with the majestic ocean view. I call that contentment.

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