Monday, June 30, 2008

Missing ...

So Monday has started off well on the right note.

I have finally gotten my head back to Melbourne time. I have caught up with most of my work that I cannot seem to concentrate on last week. The fridge is full with organic goodness and we had time to rest on the weekend.

Strangely, while I missed the comfort and proximity of things of Melbourne when I was in New Zealand, I am starting to find myself thinking about the peace and quiet of Christchurch.

Somehow, I miss the beauty of the country. Where mountains serve as a backdrop and steak sandwiches were readily available.

I also think I miss Queenstown more than anywhere else.

The main thing, I think, is I miss the fact that I have my most favorite people around me all the time. Seeing the husband drive the big truck or the kids playing on the trampoline.

I'm a lucky gal, me thinks.

Ok back to work. We can't have everything, can we?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hamner Springs

We headed up to Hamner Springs on the second day of the trip.

It wasn't in the original agenda but it came highly recommended by the lady at the campervan company.

So we thought we'll hop by there for a night to soak in the hot sulphur pools.

Hamner Springs is about a 1.5 hour drive up north from Christchurch. It is quite a lovely area to stay. What i love is that it is a small cozy town.

After settling our accomodation for the night, we packed our stuff and headed for the pools.

It was very very relaxing and therapeutic to soak in the hot thermal waters in the midst of winter.

Our boys had so much fun splashing around in the water. These kids have no fear, I tell ya.

Jakey started climbing onto a platform with a ledge and did a backflip. Several times, I might add.

Needless to say, everyone slept really well that night.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Christchurch - Cupcake Parlor

I always thought that Australia was beautiful.

But New Zealand totally blew me away with its organic landscape and its genuine take on caring for the environment.

We also ate A LOT this trip. I was quite surprised by the number of Thai restaurants that were everywhere!

The first thing we did in Christchurch was to visit The Cupcake Parlor.

Its a quaint lil cafe on Victoria Street in the city. And it was such a nice place to sit and relax.

And, my oh my, were the cupcakes yummy.

The boys had one each and I loved the boysenberry one that Jakey had. Yumz.
My lil rascal who's attempting to sip every last drop of apple juice.

Lil Kay who eats like his mother. Step-by-Step

Friday, June 27, 2008

Date Night

We needed a break from our kiddos after spending 13 days with them.

So I was told to organize for a sitter for tonight so that we can catch an US moment for a couple of hours.

A quick dinner and we had to run off for the movies.

Tonight's pick - The Incredible Hulk and Kung Fu Panda.

The irony between the two. We thoroughly enjoyed them both. You can't go wrong with Edward Norton.

'Twas a good night with hubbi. I love spending time alone with him.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Kiwi Experience ...

Woah what big doors you have

We are back from our lil family adventure touring the South Island of New Zealand.

Things did not go according to the itinary that we initially planned so after a couple of days, we just threw caution to the wind and see where the road took us.

Our trip started out in Christchurch, where we picked up our motorhome for the next ten days of our trip.

When Hubbi suggested that as an option, I cringed.

I mean… I can deal with camping, hiking and dirt BUT no concrete home @ night… that I struggle.


1 camper van + 2 rascalicious kids + 1 pampered chick + 1 adventurous husband cum driver = cabin fever + major road rage (didn't happen)

Anyhow, I did what I did, cause that's what love does (awwww), and booked the thing one day before we left.

And that was how our Christchurch adventure started.

The road bug

Its interior

The side profile

My personal mechanic doing the unglam job of clearing the dump water.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

And just like that...

... we are two days from flying home.

It has been a hellava trip with the two kids in tow.

We've covered 2117 kilometers in ten days.

And we've seen so many mountains.

Full report when we are back.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Michael Bublé

Blink and you might miss him.

This was the concert that we almost didn't attend.

One failed attempt to sell this on Ebay sealed our fate.

Boy was I glad we were there.

Michael Bublé is a ridiculously wonderful and consummate performer. He was so funny that we were laughing in stitches for half the show. What I love was how he has no qualms taking the mickey out of himself. It was a massive crowd of 11000 people @ Rod Laver and yet, like he promised, it turned out to be an intimate performance.

If there was a better concert to fall in love again, this is probably it. Jazz and contemporary music performed live makes this heart swoon.

Darien was whingeing about me dragging him to the show and he was caught offguard how much he enjoyed it. :)

We went for cocktails, after, at Comme Bar and had a lovely time getting reaquainted again.

Me thinks we need more nights like that this winter!

Roses Only

What a funny week this has been.

I had a lil spat with the husband earlier on in the week. I was so ticked off that I wondered how the weekend was going to pan out.

You see, I bought tix for the SATC movie on Friday and we have Michael Bublé the following day.

I could not see how we could resolve the matter in any way without one person giving in.

Then on Thursday, after several angry days, this was delivered to the office.

It was the peace offering that came through in the form of lilies. :)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Canon Ixus 860

We got a new camera to replace my broken one. :*(

Naturally the test subjects were happy to oblige for a pic or two.

Doing the "My Dog" pose

Big Eyed Wonder

Love ...

Ever thine
Ever mine
Ever us

Monday, June 02, 2008

Worker Bee

It was a manic monday.

T'was inundated with a sequential line of requests. All the way till lunch!

The boss was equally as flooded.

So at 1045 I stood up and declared that it was coffee time.

I got us some caffeine fix.

And the work continued.

To the point where I felt like my eye balls were moving towards the center of my skull, that was when she made me one bodum flask of tea.

"This will center you, my dear"

Now tell me, how am I ever going to find another boss like that.

And man am I going to have a good time adapting to work in SG.
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