Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weird Wednesday

Ahhh work work work... I can't get my head to think of something else @ this moment.

Just a glimpse into the day.
  1. Bob the Builder DVD Box Set.
    I am a mother of contradiction.

    On one hand, I'm wagging my finger at the boys going "No more TV"

    And then I see this for $15 for 5 DVDs.

    What to do? BUY! Oh boy I can see the trouble that I am creating, already.

  2. Customer issues
    They are insanely creeping up.

    I'm the last point of contact for that so I'm juggling three million issues @ a go.

    Arrrghhh! I need to go to NZ soon.

  3. SAHM
    I am not.

    In fact I cite my current lack of ambitious goals to my full time work and full time mommy duties.

    Too many things on my plate!

    Hubbi reckons I should be more mommy focused since he is the main breadwinner anyway. Hmm.

    Sighz. Maybe when we are back in SG.

  4. Dinner Party
    My favorite thing to do which I did last weekend.

    Cooking for 7 people.

    We had an asian feast of hainanese chicken rice, steamed fish, duck and salted veg soup and a couple more dishes. Finishing up with an apple pie a la mode. Yumz.

    My kind of therapy.

  5. Bikram Yoga
    I hate going for the class but I feel so good right after.

    There is something about being in a stuffy room with a several other sweaty people and dripping like a tap yourself.

    Bikram has seriously open my eyes to true yoga.

    Only the determined (to shape up) will continue!

  6. New Zealand
    I am trying to book accomodation but the kids have been distracting me from my laptop every night.

    We've finally worked out the itinery.

    There will be loads of driving.

    Please let there be snow! I need to break my new board in!

  7. Hubbi
    I still don't see him much!

    Gosh I feel like he's my text buddy.

    Except we share the same bed.

    Oh and have a lovely day with the boys, Hun!

Okay back to work.

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