Friday, May 16, 2008

Holy Goat

I love it that my kids love good gourmet cheese. (There is no kraft in this household)

Give them a water cracker smacked with a slice of good brie or chèvre. That will make their day.

(I usually serve it on a platter with the crackers, avocado spread, cheese and some dips. And the boys would gobble it up in a jiffy.)

Lately, we discovered this brand of organic goat's cheese, from Castlemaine, called Holy Goat.

Their cheese totally lives up to its name.

The one that we enjoyed the most is the Veloute. It is truly a melting taste of heaven on earth. So good we wiped it clean really quickly.

Here's a quote from a

"A mature cheese with a white mould surface. Eaten at three weeks, veloute is young, creamy, sweet, nutty and delicate. As the cheese matures the interior becomes velvety soft, melting in the mouth, with herbaceous and nutty complex flavours. Best eaten between three and 10 weeks. "

I'm off to the farmer's market tomorrow to see if they have it there.

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