Sunday, May 11, 2008

Going Green

Recently I fell in love with biodegradable, organic cleaning products.

It started when my generic dishwashing liquid started to stop functioning as well as it should. And it ran out a lot quicker that what I expected.

So one day whilst I was doing my grocery run at my local organic store, I stopped by the cleaning aisle to see what was on offer.

After reading through almost everything they had on the shelves, I bought the front loader washing powder and dishwashing liquid.

I was initially rather skeptical to see how plant-based products can thoroughly remove stains and grease.

So I was pretty impressed with the dishwashing liquid by Seventh Generation. It cleans the plates better than my generic brand and my hands did not feel dry after washing tons of dishes.

The boys have a bit of an on/off battle with eczema on some parts of their bodies. So I took the opportunity to see if changing the laundry powder would help with the irritation.

Eco's laundry powder is made from non-petroleum based products, as well. In fact, it was plant based and had no sulfates or other chemicals in there.

I find that the clothes are a tad softer from washing but have not really noticed if it did help with the eczema.

But just knowing that all these are biodegradable makes me feel like I am doing my teeny part on making this earth a lil safer for my kids. We really need to protect the environment for our children.

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