Friday, May 02, 2008

Dinner @ Vue

We celebrated three years of marriage last Wednesday.

Hubbi made reservations @ Vue de Monde ages ago, through a friend that works there.

And I only got to find out the day before.

Sneaky fella, he is.

I remembered the first time we hopped into Vue, when they were still in Drummond Street. We were both in jeans. Darien casually popped his head in to ask if we can do desserts and they told us to come back at 930.

And since then we've been back a couple of times! I remembered this dessert we had that was styled like a jewellery box. Inside, it had green and white lil balls of ice cream. Every lil ball was an explosion of an unexpected unique flavor. It made such an impression on me.

So how was dinner?

It was a pretty fantastic experience. Having dined in the old Carlton location, they, somehow, remembered Darien. Thus, we did get a lil bit more attention than the other diners seated in our section.

Hubbi decided we should do a 6+2 degustation menu that night. Towards the end, I thought it was a bit much. We were struggling to finish our desserts.

We did wine pairing and it was a wise and very enjoyable experience. We thoroughly enjoyed the wines that the sommelier chose for each individual dish.

Shannon Bennett is moving onto a lil bit of molecular gastronomy and you can see that coming through in some of his dishes.

I highly recommend going there for the dining experience. We've eaten a fair bit in our relationship and Vue has not disappointed us once with their knowledge of wines, food and customer service.

Everything was immaculate.

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