Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weird Wednesday

Ahhh work work work... I can't get my head to think of something else @ this moment.

Just a glimpse into the day.
  1. Bob the Builder DVD Box Set.
    I am a mother of contradiction.

    On one hand, I'm wagging my finger at the boys going "No more TV"

    And then I see this for $15 for 5 DVDs.

    What to do? BUY! Oh boy I can see the trouble that I am creating, already.

  2. Customer issues
    They are insanely creeping up.

    I'm the last point of contact for that so I'm juggling three million issues @ a go.

    Arrrghhh! I need to go to NZ soon.

  3. SAHM
    I am not.

    In fact I cite my current lack of ambitious goals to my full time work and full time mommy duties.

    Too many things on my plate!

    Hubbi reckons I should be more mommy focused since he is the main breadwinner anyway. Hmm.

    Sighz. Maybe when we are back in SG.

  4. Dinner Party
    My favorite thing to do which I did last weekend.

    Cooking for 7 people.

    We had an asian feast of hainanese chicken rice, steamed fish, duck and salted veg soup and a couple more dishes. Finishing up with an apple pie a la mode. Yumz.

    My kind of therapy.

  5. Bikram Yoga
    I hate going for the class but I feel so good right after.

    There is something about being in a stuffy room with a several other sweaty people and dripping like a tap yourself.

    Bikram has seriously open my eyes to true yoga.

    Only the determined (to shape up) will continue!

  6. New Zealand
    I am trying to book accomodation but the kids have been distracting me from my laptop every night.

    We've finally worked out the itinery.

    There will be loads of driving.

    Please let there be snow! I need to break my new board in!

  7. Hubbi
    I still don't see him much!

    Gosh I feel like he's my text buddy.

    Except we share the same bed.

    Oh and have a lovely day with the boys, Hun!

Okay back to work.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

8 Minutes

I am sitting @ the tram stop now waiting for my transport to arrive. :)

Gotta head home to my boys cause my nanny doesn't start work till next week.

Hubbi's got them for the morning and the coming Wednesday.

And I'll have them tomorrow and this half of today.

Shared parenting!

So important for the kids and people who have no family support! :p

I like it that my husband is one who believes in it.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Apple Pie

I'm a squishy squashy piece of Apple Pie,
and I make your tummy feel so very fine.
Serve me hot or serve me cold, or even serve me "a la mode."
I'm a scrumptious piece of yummy apple pie.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Buzzi Bee

I was thinking of meeting Darien for lunch today when I realised that he is in Sydney for the day.


He just got back from a conference up there last week and he's up there again today.

Me thinks he's a lil too busy for my liking.

I miss having him around at times when he goes off intermittently like that.

Especially when I am sick and need a bit of cuddling.

Ah well, the price of marrying a workaholic.

I can see him working a lot more when we are back in SG.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Chilly Updates

I can't believe we are two weeks to winter.

Seriously where has the year gone?

We brought the kids to buy ski wear yesterday. It took two hours to get them into the right sizes and the right shoes. Go figure why I always shop for their clothes on my own.

We are about three weeks away from NZ and I am definitely looking forward to the mountains. It's like revisiting a longlost love.

I sure hope the kids would grow up to love winter sports.

Actually the crazy weather on Saturday has made me a worse for wear. My throat is scratchy and I feel the cold in my bones. Not good.

All I wanna do now is crawl into bed and pray that this will all go away soon.

Not that I can afford to spend time lying in bed for the next two days.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tis the season to be snowy

It is freeeeezing in Melbourne today.

I think we hit 7 degrees at some point today.

We went to the farmer's market this morning and I hurriedly ran through most of the stores to buy stuff cause my fingers were feelin' a lil icy.

I took the boys to see Elmo in Myer this arvo. But they were more interested in the Big Red Car and Thomas the Tank Engine. Oh well, I guess bigger is not always better.

And then we went shopping for their ski clothes. :) Cause we are off on our lil holiday next month.

It has been three years since we last skiied and I can't wait to hit the mountains again. This time round we will be heading down to Coronet Peak so I'm quite stoked to ride their slopes!

I found some bargains and whilst I was @ the store, I found a board that was just my height and in my price range! I was really excited but I didn't get it cause I wanna do some research first.

But can I just say ski jackets and mittens for children are sooooooo cute! I wonder how they will react in the snow.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Holy Goat

I love it that my kids love good gourmet cheese. (There is no kraft in this household)

Give them a water cracker smacked with a slice of good brie or chèvre. That will make their day.

(I usually serve it on a platter with the crackers, avocado spread, cheese and some dips. And the boys would gobble it up in a jiffy.)

Lately, we discovered this brand of organic goat's cheese, from Castlemaine, called Holy Goat.

Their cheese totally lives up to its name.

The one that we enjoyed the most is the Veloute. It is truly a melting taste of heaven on earth. So good we wiped it clean really quickly.

Here's a quote from a

"A mature cheese with a white mould surface. Eaten at three weeks, veloute is young, creamy, sweet, nutty and delicate. As the cheese matures the interior becomes velvety soft, melting in the mouth, with herbaceous and nutty complex flavours. Best eaten between three and 10 weeks. "

I'm off to the farmer's market tomorrow to see if they have it there.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Mommy's Day thought

I never thought much about Mother's Day.

I guess it's probably because the boys are so young and for them, this day is no different from any other.

So today was just another Sunday.

We went for swimming lessons, followed by breakfast @ Flow.

Still feeling a lil famished (cause swimming takes a lot out of the participants & spectators!), we went to buy sushi @ Suzuran.

Hubbi then decided to bring the kids to the playground so that we can enjoy some peace while they play, as we eat.

And play, they did.

Just when I turned over to watch the kiddos do their thang, I smiled. And it makes me fall in love all over again with them.

Jakey can almost climb the step ladder, all by himself.

And Kayden will go around observing the other kids and saying bye to anyone who would respond.

Those kids can just make my heart melt.

I love being their mom.

I love it that they are lil people with their own thoughts, assertiveness and actions.

I love it that they are two completely different personalities who just compliment each other.

I love it that they would be doing some random thing and suddenly, I'll get a cuddle from one of them passing by.

I love it that Kayden is so protective of his younger brother, especially in circumstances when we are not around.

I also love it that Darien spends as much time with the kids so they know that Daddy will always have their back.

I am a proud Mama.

Happy Mother's Day y'all!

Going Green

Recently I fell in love with biodegradable, organic cleaning products.

It started when my generic dishwashing liquid started to stop functioning as well as it should. And it ran out a lot quicker that what I expected.

So one day whilst I was doing my grocery run at my local organic store, I stopped by the cleaning aisle to see what was on offer.

After reading through almost everything they had on the shelves, I bought the front loader washing powder and dishwashing liquid.

I was initially rather skeptical to see how plant-based products can thoroughly remove stains and grease.

So I was pretty impressed with the dishwashing liquid by Seventh Generation. It cleans the plates better than my generic brand and my hands did not feel dry after washing tons of dishes.

The boys have a bit of an on/off battle with eczema on some parts of their bodies. So I took the opportunity to see if changing the laundry powder would help with the irritation.

Eco's laundry powder is made from non-petroleum based products, as well. In fact, it was plant based and had no sulfates or other chemicals in there.

I find that the clothes are a tad softer from washing but have not really noticed if it did help with the eczema.

But just knowing that all these are biodegradable makes me feel like I am doing my teeny part on making this earth a lil safer for my kids. We really need to protect the environment for our children.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I have so much to say.

But it's still all in my head.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Dinner @ Vue

We celebrated three years of marriage last Wednesday.

Hubbi made reservations @ Vue de Monde ages ago, through a friend that works there.

And I only got to find out the day before.

Sneaky fella, he is.

I remembered the first time we hopped into Vue, when they were still in Drummond Street. We were both in jeans. Darien casually popped his head in to ask if we can do desserts and they told us to come back at 930.

And since then we've been back a couple of times! I remembered this dessert we had that was styled like a jewellery box. Inside, it had green and white lil balls of ice cream. Every lil ball was an explosion of an unexpected unique flavor. It made such an impression on me.

So how was dinner?

It was a pretty fantastic experience. Having dined in the old Carlton location, they, somehow, remembered Darien. Thus, we did get a lil bit more attention than the other diners seated in our section.

Hubbi decided we should do a 6+2 degustation menu that night. Towards the end, I thought it was a bit much. We were struggling to finish our desserts.

We did wine pairing and it was a wise and very enjoyable experience. We thoroughly enjoyed the wines that the sommelier chose for each individual dish.

Shannon Bennett is moving onto a lil bit of molecular gastronomy and you can see that coming through in some of his dishes.

I highly recommend going there for the dining experience. We've eaten a fair bit in our relationship and Vue has not disappointed us once with their knowledge of wines, food and customer service.

Everything was immaculate.
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