Friday, April 04, 2008


Babycino sipper @ Coffee Darling

Kayden, my firstborn, is all of two years and almost 6 months.

When he was first born, I was overwhelmed with all the love that I felt for him.

And this still holds true till today.

He is more than everything I ever imagine in a child.

Walking the dog @ the Farmer's market

Over the years, we've noticed that he is a quick learner. All you have to do is to show him a skill once, and he can repeat it in a second.

Not only can he mimic what you do... he has a wonderful sense of direction. (this is probably heriditary)

Whenever we approach a familiar place, he will blurt out where we are going. You can park your car a distance away from the place and he can direct you back to its destination.

Hubbi was really amused once when Kayden told him that candles are meant to be on cakes. He kept saying "Happy Happy" to anyone whenever he sees candles.

But more importantly, he is a loving lil boy. He would not hesitate to give a cuddle when we say goodbye. He would thank everyone who gives him a lil treat.

And he is very much a caring older brother. Most times he would make sure that Jakey gets the same thing that he has. They would have a blast playing with each other everyday.

Concentrating on building his block empire

We've noticed that he is a bit of an introvert when we go out. It takes awhile for him to warm his engines up... and once that happens he would chirpily start running around.

He loves his food. Much of his diet consists of cheese, fruits and vegetables. He would have meat every other day. Recently he's learnt to scrunch his nose to smells that he doesn't like and then he would hurriedly put his hands on his nose to show his disdain.

Lucky for me, he still likes being Mommy's lil boy cause he would make sure that put him to bed everynight. He would come sit by me when I am doing stuff. And he loves telling me to sit beside him while he is doing stuff.

My very own poster boy

Needless to say, I love him heaps. I cannot believe that he is turning three this year and going to school next. This is why sometimes I just spend time staring at the two of them and have a quiet smile on my face.

I cannot believe how lucky I am to have them in my life.

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