Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Final Note

Hi All,

It has been a wonderful time writing for this blog.

If anything, I write for myself and for my boys whom I hope will have an opportunity to see this when they are older.

Just so they know that Mommy adores them and this are their growing up days.

However, I am toying with the idea of locking this up.

So please... if you are reading and would still like to read, can you leave a comment. I will screen it and keep you updated.



  1. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Oh no! Then how will I see updated pics of my nephews and drool over the yummy food you guys are having there?

  2. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Hi Pamelia,

    Sorry to intrude but I've been reading your blog for quite awhile. A pity you'll be locking your blog soon. Really enjoy seeing pics of your cute lil boys. Anyway, take care!

    Best wishes,
    Elaine Leow

  3. Anonymous5:53 PM

    hey ger....

    it me aihui.....hope u are doin fine...i have been reading yr pls upate me okie :) anyway when u back in SG....we sld catch up for coffee....never seen u for long....take care...

  4. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Hi Pam, Siling from NYP here... ;p hee... i am still reading ur blog since ur Kayden is born..

    Would like to continue reading if it's ok..


  5. I live in Melbourne through this blog of yours! :)


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