Thursday, April 10, 2008


Omg I think I have a radar for ill mannered people.

Incident #1
A couple of weeks ago, I hopped on a tram to get back to the office. I was holding a cuppa on one hand and my black berry on the other. Just then, I got an email from a friend about her dog who just passed away.

So naturally I started to text my condolences back.

This old dude, who was standing across me went, "Excuse me, why don't you stop what you are doing, put your phone away and hold onto a pole. Just so you don't spill your coffee all over this nice gentlemen (man sitting down) when you trip, if the tram jerks."

I went, "I think I'm fine. Don't worry about it."

This should be the part where the conversation ends with polite stares.

But no.......

He had to carry on by saying, "All you stupid people who don't listen. Wait till you fall, then you'll know."

To which I went, "EXCUSE ME. I don't think it's any of your business whether I hold onto a pole or now. You do not have a right nor the manners to mind my business for me."

End of conversation. Everyone stares at me, just as my stop arrives and I casually hopped off.

Incident #2
I was walking the kids home from daycare today. Kayden was walking by me, hanging onto the handlebar of the pram when he drifted a few steps from me.

Just then, a cyclist had to stop for the lil guy.

I apologized for my slight lack of attention.

That was when the guy replied, "this is a bike path."

"No It is a shared path," I said.

He pretended he didn't hear me and just rode away.

I am over my meetings with strangers. There is absolutely no way I take crap from people that I don't know.

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