Sunday, April 27, 2008


Daylesford was the destination for our long weekend.

We rented a cottage, Linkside, in Hepburn Springs for two nights. It had two bedrooms so the kids had an entire double bed to themselves.

They had a gate in the compound so the kids got to explore and run around. We would be pottering around the house and they would be exploring the surroundings or playing around with their footy ball.

There is just something about Fall. The changing colors of the leaves. The crisp cool air in the morning. The sound of dried leaves crackling when the children run.

I love this change of weather. It's really refreshing.

Daylesford is essentially a spa town. You come here to get cleansed, scrubbed and massaged. Hubbi and I managed to get a lil package in during the weekend and we now have soft silky skin all over.

I went to Acqua Viva Day Spa and I thought the service was excellent. I opted for the sea salt scrub hydrotherapy and a deep tissue massage. I felt a lil like a marinated being when she rubbed the salt on me.

Hubbi went to Salus @ Lake House. I don't think he was too impressed with the customer service.

The kids has a ball. We brought them to the Lavendar Farm and they got aquainted with a few animals and got to know their names. (As they say in sales,it always helps to put a face to the name) So Kayden is excitedly yapping out animal names on our drive home.

At this stage, we love to chuck the kids outdoors. The open spaces help with the high dosage of adrenaline. And they get to muck around without any restrictions.

We actually saw wild kangaroos near our cottage. Kayden got really excited and he went to tell Darien all about it.

We ate at Farmer's Arms on our first night there. Hubbi loved the food there. I was just busy getting Kayden to sit on his chair. He got two strikes that night.

Chowder House has one of the best french toast I have ever eaten in my life. It is sinfully drooling good! Service was immaculate. We would trot down there every morning and sit down for a hot cuppa. The best thing we discovered, other than the french toast, was they had rocking chairs outside!

Cliffy's was another providore we discovered. Their lamb pie was amazing. So delish. Other than that, it was a nice cozy place to sit and wait the rain out. It was pouring cats and dogs that arvo.

We wanted to try Mercato's but we got rained out that night as well. So we made beef stew @ home instead.

It was the Swiss Italia Festival that weekend.

So all the spas were packed packed packed.

We brought the kids to the Lavender Farm and they had a blast. We had the usual lavender infused food like scones, lemonade and such.

The clincher for me was how beautiful the place is. It is such a beautiful farm with the different colored foliage and decor. I love the set up of the cafe and their products! My gosh! So affordable but soooo..... goood!! I used their shampoo and it was fantastic.

I think I need another weekend away again!

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