Monday, April 14, 2008

Darien the Daddy

"Anyone can be a father but it takes a man to be a Dad."

It was almost one o clock in the morn when I had just taken my shower and was sitting in front of my laptop.

My boys were already in bed and it was me time.

We had just caught "Home Song Stories" on DVD earlier and its aftereffects were still playing in my head.

Now I quote the above because I constantly pat myself on the back to congratulate myself for having Darien as the father of my children.

I say that because I realise that it is not often you find a husband who is really involved in his children's upbringing.

I guess we never know what kind of parents we would be till we have kids.

In more ways than one, parenting is probably a lifelong project cum experiment.

So the best thing anyone can do in this circumstance is to do their best they can.

Darien is very conscious about the children's diet. He would not spare any expense when it comes to their food. The kids eat a mostly organic diet, bar eating out and such. Heck! Even their shampoo and body wash is organic.

He is more conscientious in putting the probiotics in their milk, than me. And he gives the kids fish oil every night. (they think it's snacks, really!)

The payback is how healthy the kids are. They are fairly disease-resilient and we are very happy about that. Sick babies are so much harder to look after.

Somedays, he would put them in the bath and play some splish splash with them. He would sit them down and wear their shoes before they go out. Hold their hands when they are walking along the path.

The kids adore their dad. He is undoubtedly their best friend. There are no restrictions when it comes to Dad. He spoils them silly with attention whenever he's home. They would wrestle :roll eyes: on the bed. Read books. Play with trains.

In fact, between the two of us, he has more patience for the kids, than me. :) If Kayden is a lil shy when we are out, he would hold him close till he is ready to socialise.

It is always a funny sight when they would sit on the couch and sing songs together. I totally love the off tune moments when Kayden sings out loud.

Jakey loves to sit on Dad and play horsey. Sometimes he would hit Darien lightly (violent, I know) and then giggle when he walks away.

I guess in times like this when good relationships are pretty scarce, I am thankful for the love that we share.

Afterall, most people will tell you that it was their childhood that makes them the person they are.

Hopefully my kids would look back on their childhood and have fond memories of it.

So here's an ode to my big man. We might not have much diamonds and gold, but damn, we have a wonderful life and two beautiful kids, what more can we ask for?

I love ya Hubbi!

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