Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Current Status

I can't believe it's April already. This year is whizzing through a lil quick for my liking.

A stocktake of the last three months.

We've finally got our house drawn up. No display homes, thank you very much. It seriously helps to have architects as friends. The advice that they give is just invaluable. We had some concerns about the design that my builder came up with so my best gf drew up the house according to our specs.

I love it that it is just so functional. I just wish we had the time to live in it when it is built but only time will tell what we will do.

Hubbi is quite enthralled with the whole building process. He is the one who thinks of design enhancements and minimal land wastage. How to enhance the value and such.

I, on the other hand, am more concerned about costs. I cut and cut and cut all the miscellaneous things out of the budget so that we can save on our future mortgage payment. And I liase with the bank and the builder. In short, I am my husband's PA. :)

Another few more meetings and then we can conclude the planning stage to move onto the approval and then the developing stage.

It is a lot of work. One that is very fufilling and we are so glad that it is moving along in good time.

Anzac Day Weekend
We initially wanted to go to Bright for the long weekend but decided against it at the last minute. Since then, we've been looking for accomodation at Daylesford.

Hubbi wanted to go there for the food and a bit of country life. Me.. I just wanna get away for a relaxing weekend.

Most places want a three night minimum but we only needed two. And after looking for a few days, a place popped up so we booked it.

So we are off on a short family holiday at the end of the month.

Just us this time round.

Has been very busy consistently. Some days I see him for two hours. We still try to sneak a lunch in once a week but it's been a lil hard lately cause he's been bringing lunch to work. :)

So to make up for it, we have been going on weekly dates.

Last week we went to watch "Semi Pro" with some friends and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Then whilst we were walking downstairs to grab some supper, a friend went "You guys don't even look like parents"

Sighz… I wish, Hunni … I wish … :p

Has started toilet training. My wonderful nanny has prompted me on taking the next step in his development and has been consistent in teaching him to use the potty. The lil one has started to like using the potty. I guess buying cute undies does make him feel a lil bit like a grown up and makes him feel special.

Other than that, his vocabulary has grown miles since. He like to chat with us while lying on the bed with us everynight before falling asleep. It is such a special stage right now. We are loving every bit of it.

Has been the funniest lil tyke ever. He is a lil sooky at times but most times he finds his own lil niche in doing things his own special way.

This morning he insisted in sitting on my lap while I was folding some clothes. That lasted 5 minutes till I shooed him off to play with his trains.

He knows that he is cute and so he uses it to his advantage fully. Last week, the gals at daycare brought him to the toddler room and when it was time for him to head back to his room, he firmly said "No" to his carer.

Which totally cracked her up cause he was never this insistent before with anyone.

Is he growing up or what?

I am loving my work now. I like my new team and I thoroughly enjoy my job scope. The best thing is that I have female role models to look up to and thus I learn something new everyday.

I am also liking my time away with my husband for date nights. I like holding his hand and spending time with him. Some times we would go to a café and just sit and read. No words. Just nice comfy silence that you can only share with people that you love and are close with.

I like waking up with my two favorite boys in the morning too. We then spend a lil time together before I head off to work.

Also, I will be starting yoga soon. I am trying my hardest to fit in a work out or two a week.

In general, life is pretty sweet right now.

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