Saturday, March 22, 2008

This Easter is...

... soooo much more fun than the previous ones!

We are staying at the beach house here in Philip Island. Life in the past two days has been so relaxing.

I had thought that this would be a more carefree holiday simply because the kids are old enough to know how to enjoy themselves. And true enough, this year has been rather easy on the childminding part.

A couple of things that I will always have etched in my mind.

  • Kayden, while we were leaving the beach, stopped at the seaweed which beached on the shore, covered his nose with his hand and went "Ewwwwww".

    Then this morning, he saw the rocks that Hubbi picked back from the beach and did the same thing all over again. :p

  • Jakey doing the boogey when we told him to.

  • Both kids hate being told to take a shower here. So much so that it sounds like we are spanking them when they are in the bathroom.

My best memory thus far is seeing the kids having a blast at the beach with their daddy. They held hands and jumped as the waves came in. I love seeing the kids play with Darien. The tender love that they share with their Dad.

Ahhh... another two more days of sun baking and merry making. Bring it on.

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