Friday, March 14, 2008

Single Parenting

Six nights away, the husband is finally coming home tomorrow.

It has been a busy week. Had to finish up some stuff at my current team before I move off to the big boss's team.

But mostly time was spent looking after the kiddos. We spent time going for walks, shopping and most importantly playing.

Darien's been away on several occasions this year. Mainly he flies up for work or courses.

The kids are usually quite cool with just having me as a companion but somehow, they are not too pleased to know that their Daddy wasn't home for a few days.

Kayden would wait up for his phonecall every night before turning in. He would insist that I call Darien in the evening so that he can say hello. He would then have a five minute conversation with his dad about how his day went.

Ah well, this had better not be happening too often. Single mom is seriously hard work. I'm a lil tired of being a super hero.

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