Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random ME updates #2348932

  1. "The NoKids Diet" - OMG I swear if people ever wondered why they don't regret not having kids, tonight would be the night that they would be proven right.

    We had dinner @ a vietnamese joint in footscray tonight. Picked the kids up from daycare before we scooted off for dinner.

    The kids were due for a nap as their last one was a couple of hours ago. Pair this with the afternoon tea that they usually have @ 430pm that would contain the wonderful substance called sugar, and we have a product called cranky hyperactivity.

    Needless to say, dinner was a thrill. I was this close from putting them up for adoption in the local papers. Gawd.

  2. TGIF - I love my job. I love it that I work in a really flexible environment. The new boss is terribly wonderful to work with. I have a new laptop and gadgets to play with.

    I don't usually work Fridays. It is time off with the children.

    So when I changed teams earlier in the month, I had anticipated that my Fridays would be taken away as our team meeting is on Friday morn.

    That got me a lil razzled. I would prefer to not change my child minding situation but if it came to the crunch, I would have to hang my head and do it.

    So I had a casual chat with the LadyBoss this arvo. And long story cut short, she exempted me from the team meetings and told me that I can still have my fridays. All I had to do was to prep some documents on the day before and then I can work from home on Friday.

    I was mightily pleased about that. What a blessing huh?

  3. Building - We had our first design meeting with the builder today. After two hours of talking and more talking, we have walked away with a couple of decisions to make. Thank God for architect friends would are always around to guide us through this (expensive) project.

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