Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Off to the Farm we'll go...

Guess where the munchkin is going?

I woke the husband up on Saturday morn at half past eight. He was struggling to get up but I insisted. Simply because I wanted to go to the farmer's market in the Collingwood's Children's Farm.

Located in Abbotsford. Just five minutes out of the city. The farm is a community based project. Once you step inside, it totally feels like you are out in the country. It is quite a beautiful place to bring the kids to.

Portrait by Kayden

Anyway back to the farmer's market. It is held once a month on the second Saturday.

By the time we got the kids ready and such, it was almost half past nine when we left.

Parking was crazy... there were so many people there! And there were so little lots. But it was well worth it. There was so much to see and buy!
Apple Bee

We got heaps of produce for our meals this week. The apples were freshly picked the night before. The vegetables have an extra crunch to them. It was simple a step up from the market.
Fresh Pistachios for the kiddos.

The husband went, "Eh it's not very cheap huh?"

Which I replied "Well you're here for the freshest and not the cheapest"

Small, Medium and Large

Sustainable living is all about supporting the farmers and the environment. If farmers can't earn their keep, we will not have any good produce to fill our tummies. And this is the reason why we buy organic. Cause they grow their vegetables and rear their animals, with considerate measure to the environment and the land.

Daddy and his precious

The boys had fun as you can see.. Darien was very pleased with the quality of the food that we bought. I was just happy to get out early in the morning for a cuppa, some fresh air and good food.

Makes us a couple of happy souls for the day.

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