Sunday, March 16, 2008

Guess Who's Home?

It's been an eventful morning...

Hubbi's flight got delayed. One lil person spilled nail polish on the floor. A tantrum filled walk.

Sighz... my day could not get any better.

Then I went to pick him up at the airport.

That was the point of difference.

The boys were so stoked to see their Daddy. They gave him big cuddles. Heaps of kisses. Kayden wanted to sit next to Dad when we had lunch. He insisted that he got carried by Darien when we walked.

All day long, they just wanted to hang out with Dad, which was cool by me.

Then in the evening we went out for a dinner date.

Two of us shared a Peking duck... hmmmm.... followed by crepes and a glass of vino at Ladros.

I like. I missed him heaps!

Life is back to normal again now that I've got my partner in crime back.

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